Cheers To A Birthday To Forget

”We look crazy normal right? ” Lee asks his big brother Dominic while looking at the family portrait. Dominic not even minding the question his brother asked, continues to look at the portrait. After two minutes of intense focus on it, he finally answers Lee ”Dude, we are far from normal. Have you seen your dad pissed before?. He literally becomes a demon ”. Lee laughs but quickly maintains himself. He knows his brother was serious about his reply but the truth is that he has never seen the other side of his Father, I mean he is to turn fifteen tomorrow unlike his brother who is two years older and has been at his Fathers side ever since he turned fifteen. He knows everything about his Father, even the family secret which everyone except Lee knows. Once in a while, Dominic tries to tell his little brother what is going on in the family but the curse placed on him and his mom forbids them from telling Lee what they know, so he just drops a bit whenever he talks with Lee, take now for example.

”Demon? Bro stop playing with me. Where you thinking that would scare me? I turn fifteen tomorrow bro. Those kind of shit don scare me anymore ”. Even after saying this, Lee still suspects something is going on that he doesn know. His brother turns to him, grabs him closer and with a stare that penetrates deep into his soul he smiles and says ”My dumb, innocent little brother. After tomorrow, you will wish you were fourteen forever. You think Im joking now huh? Lets see how long you would be smiling and laughing ”. For a moment Lee could swear that his brothers eyes turned bloody red and there was this dark aura around him. Suddenly it was gone and his brother looked normal again. He thought he had imagined it but it was actually the curse placed on him that depressed his demonic side. ” Nice one dad. This shit turned out to be helpful after all ” He says to himself as he pushes Lee aside and walks into his room shutting the door. ” What the hell is wrong him Dom? Wait… what the ** did I just see right now? Lee still wondering whats going on. He checks his phone for the time. Its 05:30pm. ” Oh shit!! Im super late. Angie would have been waiting for me in the park by now. Imagining setting a date and getting there late ”. He rushes to his room to change. Two minutes later he is out of his room wearing his favorite black leather jacket. ”Yo Dom, Im out. Ill be back by 07:30pm to be set for dinner. See ya later ”. Dominic replies ” Hey Lee, you better get home early cos Dad would get home super early. You don want to get him pissed a day before you turn fifteen now do you? ” Before he could finish Lee was already out of the house. ”Lee! Lee?! ” He sighs and says sarcastically ” I will kill that boy one day ”. Dom says nothing for a while but after ten minutes on the bed, he stands and says to himself ”Lee is a boy born into family of demons and he doesn even know. Shout out to the father of the decade. No worries though, tomorrow everything will change for him. Dad will change him, just like he did to me ” Dom says as his eyes glistens blood red again, only this time the dark aura is clearer and takes the shape of a demon with two horns.

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