First Day Out

”Happy birthday dummy. Wake up, Dad needs to see you right now. He said its important so you have ten minutes to freshen up and meet him in the Weapons room ”. Lee still yawning checks the time and sees its just 02:30 in the morning and yells ” Hey bro its too early, what the hell dude!! He gets up from the bed and walks into the bathroom and washes his face. In a few minutes he is done with everything and he approaches his dad at the Weapons room. ” Good morning dad ” he says as he walks toward his dad. His dad doesn reply, instead he looks out the window while mumbling to himself. Finally, after a few minutes of awkward silence, he faces Lee and with a serious tone he says ”Happy birthday my son, today you become a man, physically and mentally. You are no longer a kid. You are not that little boy that was always running around looking for his big brother and you are certainly grown enough to understand whatever I say ”. He walks to the seats close to the fireplace and offers one to his son ” Boy, lets take a seat. Now I want you to listen attentively to what I am about to say. I did this to your brother when he turned fifteen, you will not be exempted from this ritual. This has been done in our family from generation to generation and I would want you and Dominic to continue this even when Im not here anymore. Do you understand? ” He faces Lee with a deathly stare that scares him for a moment. ” Yes Father, I will ”. His father continues ” Good. I will start by talking about myself, then my familys history and finally who you are. I will not repeat myself so listen to me and focus on every word I say ”.


My name is Leonard Daemon. I was born in the year 1976, precisely on the 11th of September. Here in Redwood, life wasn peachy but we were doing fine. My dad

Alex Daemon was a farmer and my mom, Mazikeen, was a seamstress. They loved each other a lot and they never hesitated to show how much they loved me. Everything was moderate but perfect, I was happy growing up and I bet my parents were, until I turned fifteen. My dad called me on a day like this and told me something that changed my life. He pulled me close to him and whispered something into my ear ” IM SORRY MY SON, BUT WE ARE NOT HUMANS ” I thought he was just joking with me as usual until he showed me his true form. He completely transformed into an ugly looking monster. It was neither huge nor little. It had scarlet eyes with a devilish star in its pupil like it was inscribed on it. Its razor sharp teeth, its scaly skin and its blood red wings. He also had two short horns. ”I am known as Jnvrh dlaej, the Night demon. We demons have been in this world for a long time. We creeped from hell into this world thousands of years ago and we have been at war with the angels and heaven itself since then. We either kill or get killed. Due to the curse placed on us by GOD, we can only manifest our true form once we turn fifteen. My father guided me, and his father did the same and it has been so since the dawn of time. Now its my turn to do the same ”.In my mind I thought ” This isn some weird cartoon shit. My dad just turned into a demon right in front of me ”. I was beyond scared and it got me so bad I could breathe or move at all. Suddenly, like my body was reacting to hiss transformation, I started to transform myself. It was horrible and beyond insane. My skin started to burn and my eyes became red with the stars appearing like it was being inscribed by an invisible hand. I was on my knees still transforming when I looked round and saw figures that weren there coming out to observe what was going on. I saw people I have never seen, then I saw my mom walking towards me. I thought she was going to help me escape from this crazy nightmare. I was WRONG!!.. She looked at me, face to face, and our eyes met. I could see her true form in her eyes. Her devilish eyes staring back at me, staring deep into my soul. It looked like she loved me being in pain and cowering in fear. She smiled at me and said ” Don be scared son, I am here for you….. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU ”. I had finally transformed fully to a demon. A huge demon with four wings and three horns. My spiky tail waved around the room like it was a living being on its own. Out of fury I shrieked. It was so loud it shattered every glass and was deafening to every living creature around me apart from fellow demons. From that day onwards I was known as Dlaej ez dlmhr, ” the DEMON OF DEATH ”.


Lee was looking at his Father, he was emotionless. Not knowing how to react, he asked his dad stammering ” Are.. are…..are you sayi….saying that we are a… all demons? ”

Lee immediately has series of flashbacks when his brother referred to his dad as a demon and the last thing Dominic said to him: ”After tomorrow, you will wish you were fourteen forever. You think Im joking now huh? Lets see how long you would be smiling and laughing ”. ”He was right ” Lee said to himself and slowly started spacing himself from his dad. He looked away for a second and turned back to the position his dad but he was gone. Lee looked around and didn see his dad again. He bolted to the door but on reaching he was suddenly pushed away from the door by a huge figure. ” What was that?!! It came out from nowhere ”. He looked up and saw what hit him. It was his dad… nope, it was a demon. It was Dlaej ez dlmhr, the demonic form of his father. Lee was mad with fear. He started throwing furnitures at it but it didn take out the demon. He screamed and screamed but no one came to his aid. His dad walked towards him and hit him so hard in his gut. Lee, feeling the impact of the blow staggered and fell, throwing up blood and the little bread he had eaten before meeting his dad. His dad, now back to normal, left him and approached the wine rack, picked up a French wine and three wine glasses. He poured out the wine into the glasses and with the three of them approached his son who was still laying on the floor trying to recover from the heavy blow given to him. On getting to Lee, he picked him up and gave him a glass and said ” Dominic, come take this ”. Dominic who was creeping in the shadow comes out to take a glass from his Father. ” You knew I was here? ” He asked as he took a glass from his dad. ” Don be silly my boy. No one can hide from me, not even my sons. Now, lets make a toast. To your brother on becoming one of us. To Lee Daemon finally becoming a true demon. Cheers!!! ”. He raised his glass and sipped. Dominic looking back at everything that just happened says to himself ” Cheers to a birthday to forget ” We approached Lee where he stood and with his devilish eyes glistening to the compliment of the light from the fireplace, he whispered in Lees ear ” I told you so ”

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