Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

The sounds were edging closer and close towards Kyren and Emrys. It was the sound of footsteps in the cave mine. Somebody was coming.

It was a so-called knight that Emrys spoke of.

He had on a black blazer suit jacket with a plain white shirt underneath, black leather trousers, and dark grey boots. Around his waist was a holster carrying a sword. On the jacket there was a silver medal with a sword in the middle, on the edges of the circular pendant was a single star.

The knight had arrived right in front of Kyren and Emrys. What he saw were two teens, one laying on the ground and the other trying to get the one on the ground up.

Seeing such a sight, the knights face had turned disgusted. His eyebrows were pulled down, his nose was wrinkled, and his upper lip was pulled up. It was as if he was looking at something disgusting.

”What the hell are you two slaves doing? ” the knight spat in disgust.

Upon the word slaves Kyren and Emrys had shifted their gaze and attention to the right, seeing the knight.

Emryss face was full of shock and fear he didn expect the knight would be there so quick, while on the other hand, Kyrens demeanor was calm as he didn care.

Once the knight saw Emryss reaction he was thrilled as he loved the face of those weaker than him showing fear and cowardness. It was a pleasure to the knight, but once he saw Kyrens face change, he got pissed and his mood darkened.

”What are you looking at, get back to work you damn slaves! ” the knight demanded, turning around to return to his post.

”So, hes one of those type people, a weak jack a**, ” Kyren mumbled under his breath as he was getting up.

The knight slowly turned around; one could easily tell he was mad. His veins were starting to pop up on his head. For the man to be a knight his reactions and behavior was sad. All it took was a mere eleven words to get him heated.

”What did you say? ” the knight asked in rage.

”I said you
e a weak jack a**, an annoying one at that. Happy? ” Kyren declared smiling.

”Now I remember you
e the kid thats always getting his a** kicked for spouting bull crap. I may not be allowed to kill you, but I sure can beat the crap out of you, ” the knight firmly stated while walking closer to Kyren.

”Don to-, ” Emrys spoke as he was interrupted. The knight had grabbed Emrys and threw him out of the way so he wouldn intervene.

”GYAA! ”

Emrys thrown body had hit the caves wall cave causing him to gasp for air. The wall had hit him in the perfect spot on his back resulting in great pain and knocking the wind out of Emrys.

10 minutes later…

Cough! Cough!

Kyren was covering his mouth as he was coughing up blood. He had been laid out on the floor with blood coming down his nose and mouth flowing to his chest. There was blood almost all over Kyren.

He had seriously been beaten by the knight, the beating resulted in injured organs, fractured bones, bruises, and other injuries.

But there was nothing Emrys could do as he was only a lowly slave. What could he do against a knight? Nothing, nothing at all. It was a sad reality.

A couple of meters away from Kyren, Emrys woke back up and got on his feet. He started to walk his way over to Emrys while stumbling.

”Kyren youve got to stop provoking the knights. This has happened dozens of times in the past couple of years. Every time I get injured with you, ” Emrys stated.

”Cough. Then stop trying to help me and you won get hurt because of me, ” Kyren suggested.

Emrys walked over to Kyren and swung Kyrens arm around his shoulders helping him stand up. Emrys looked Kyren in his and eyes smiled, speaking joyfully.

”You know I can do that. You
e my friend and friends never abandon each other. Right? ”

”Right. ”

”Now lets go to the nurse. ”

Just like that Emrys walked with Kyren out of the cave mine. Once they were outside one would see about an acre or two of straight grass plains surrounded by trees and directly in front of the cave was a semi-long dirt path.

A dozen of minutes later, Emrys and Kyren had reached the end of the dirt path. At the end of the path was a big facility made from brick, metal, and wood.

The building looked to be two stories high and very wide. To the right of the facility was a big storage where supplies are held and on the left was a stable. At the back of the building was a big training ground with wooden weapons and real weapons.

Emrys and Kyren both walked into the building and took a left. After walking a few blocks, they appeared in front of the white-colored door with the black word
urse at the top.

They both walked in walked saw several beds on each side of the room amounting to fourteen beds, each had curtains paired with them. To the right was a door leading to the nurses office and a woman was standing up.

The woman was a black-haired adult woman wearing a white shirt and a white suit. She was the nurse in charge of healing knights and slaves.

”So, you boys are back again, huh? ” the nurse asked them sarcastically.

”Yes, Nurse Jane and its all Kyrens fault again, ” Emrys sighed answering the nurse.

”Sigh, go lay Kyren down on a bed and you get on a bed yourself, too, ” Jane spoke shaking her head.

The nurse was very familiar with Kyren and Emrys. It was mainly because they would both end up in her office frequently. Them coming to the nurses room often they had grown on Jane.

”Okay, ” Emrys replied.

After Emrys got Kyren and himself on a bed Jane went into her office and grabbed something. She had grabbed two clear bottles with a green liquid inside; it was elixirs. Jane walked up to Kyren.

Those elixirs were used to heal internal injuries and fasten the healing process.

”You know what to do, so strip, ” Jane blatantly demanded.

Kyren sighed before stripping off his upper clothing. She then gave Kyren an elixir, which he immediately drank.

Kyren had purple bruises and scars all over his body. He had chiseled abs, chest, and muscles. He had the muscles of a warrior. Kyren wasn a thin teen but wasn a large teen, he was in the middle.

Nurse Jane covered her hands over Kyrens wounds as she started to channel something in her hands. A white-yellow glow shined as Kyrens injuries started to heal and get better. She went all over his body until his injuries were mostly healed. His body had regained its original color.

Jane repeated the same process on Emrys. Unlike Kyren Emrys only had a couple of bruises and scars. He also wasn as chiseled and toned as Kyren, but still had muscles and abs.

”Now you boys should get some sleep, so the healing process goes faster, ” Jane elaborated.

”Alright, ” they both exclaimed.

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