The night soon came as sleep came upon Kyren and Emrys fast. They were snoring loudly, an annoying sound to here for those trying to sleep.

Just as fast as night came, the morning came. The sun rose from the east only half of its body could be seen. The sunlight was shining all over the property and inside the windows of the nurse room.

It was time for everyone to wake. The day had started, and the slaves had to start mining. The sole purpose of the place Kyren and Emrys resided was for mining resources for the empire they reside in.

The resource they mined wasn anything magical as they were regular citizens or as others say, mortals. So, the only thing that could be found in the mines were metal, gold, silver, bronze, etc.

The empire that they currently lived in was called the Cira Empire. The empire resided in the southern part of the continent, the weakest region.

Meanwhile, in the nurse room, Jane was beginning to wake up Kyren, Emrys, and other people that were in the beds.

”Wake up! There is an announcement that is being held in the back of the building at the training grounds. If you don go there are consequences, ” Jane yelled waking everybody up.

Yawn Yawn Yawn

Many sounds of yawns resounded in the room as many people woke up due to Janes loud yelling.

Every person had left, but two people, it was Kyren and Emrys. They had wanted to ask her what the announcement was going to be about.

”Do you know what the announcement is going to be about? ” they both asked in sync.

”Im not supposed to say anything, but it will be a great opportunity for kids your age, now get going, ” Jane sneakily whispered to them.

”Okay! ”

Both boys had left the nurse room and were walking the halls leading the back. They were both thinking about what Jane had said. What did she mean by ”a great opportunity ”?

What great opportunity? Will it be a chance to change our fates as slaves? Will we get our freedom? ” Kyren pondered.

”What would be considered a great opportunity for us? It can either be freedom or a chance to join the military. Most likely a chance to join the military, Emrys determined.

They both arrived in front of an open wide door. Beyond the door was a vast tan-colored ground. Many weapons, weights, shields, and similar things used for training could be found on the left and right sides of the area. On the ground, there were poles and punching bags used for training. slaves.

In the back of the grounds was a small little stage eighteen inches above the ground.

On the stage was a middle-aged man and behind him were two knights with two stars on their medals. On the ground were eight knights with a one-star on their medals.

The middle-aged man had short hazel hair that stopped at the neck and light green eyes below his sharp eyebrows. He had the same uniform as the other knights, but instead of one star or two stars on his medallion, he had three.

In the middle of the grounds, every slave and staff were gathered.

The middle-aged man on the stage spoke.

”Everyone might not know who I am so is shall introduce myself. I am the one in charge of this place, Knight Ryan Hook. I called everyone here today because there is an opportunity for some to be free and become natural citizens. Sadly, for those younger than twelve and older than sixteen, you cannot part take in such an opportunity. The opportunity I present is the opportunity to be a cultivator and gain your freedom from the slave title ”

When the youths had heard the word ”cultivator ” many of them became excited and couldn believe what they just heard. A chance to be a cultivator that was way beyond their dreams was now in front of them.

Everybody else that didn meet the requirements was pissed as age denied them such a heaven-given opportunity, but they couldn do anything about it, so they bared with it.

Ryan spoke once again, ”The one who is giving you all this chance is our leaders of the Cira empire. They want to find talents for the empire to grow stronger. All you need to do is show that you have talent. If you reach the empires requirements you can also apply to join a sect, an academy, or the military. You may even get scouted by a clan. ”

Everybody was happy about the chance to cultivate. Still, the options of joining a sect or an academy were more intriguing and caused them to talk because in the path of cultivation one needs resources to continue their cultivation. Such organizations provided such things.

It is very hard to be a lone cultivator as you would have to gather your own resources, but if you joined a sect, academy, the military, or a clan they would provide resources if you had sufficient talent.

”Quiet! I still haven finished speaking. This opportunity will go on for two years and in those two years those who meet the age requirements will be exempt from most slave activities, but if you don have enough talent by the two years end you will have to cover the two years of mining you missed. Now everyone over the age of sixteen and younger than the age of twelve you are dismissed. ”

After a few minutes, the area was mostly clear. There were only about forty people still left. All most every single one of them was between the ages of twelve to sixteen.

Ryan then scanned the crowd to make sure everyone was the right age. Amidst his scan, he saw a short man among the crowd.

Ryan yelled in rage upon the man entering his vision, ” Do you think Im a dumb a**? I said the ages between twelve and sixteen. Go grab that man and give him a hundred whips and increase his workload. ”

Ryan had pointed at the man hiding in the crowd, two knights walked from near the stage and secured the man bringing him into the building so that they could beat him without disturbing Ryan.

”Now lets continue, ” Ryan announced.

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