Asura The Monarch of Slaughter

Bull King\'s Nine Shifts

ther perform the moves on the poles, which is usually the first. There is another option that those willing to take the risk of death can ask of me when you reach that stage. Disregarding that you all can follow the knights to the waterfall now. ”

Ryan flicked his hand signifying that he was done talking and that they can now follow the knight. He walked off the stage and disappeared.

One of the two-star knights or known as True Knights walked in front of the crowd of youths and spoke.

”Follow me! ” the knight demanded.

The knight walked to the front of the building with the younglings. They were not following the same dirt path in front that Kyren and Emrys took. Instead of walking straight, they took a left.

After walking for what felt like half an hour, they arrived in front of some trees. Ways beyond the trees was a cliff that traveled far ways to the left and right.

On top of the cliff was a body of water pouring down into a medium-sized lake creating a beautiful waterfall.

Directly under the waterfall where the water drops was a big stone, stretching a hundred feet across. It was big enough for all the youths to be under it and still have space between each other.

Upon reaching the lake the knight turned around and said with a smile, ”Ill be returning now, and you all must be back to your resting area by midnight, if you
e not there by midnight there will be consequences. Also, don try to run away, well always find you no matter how far you run. ”

Everybody took the knights words to heart as they all had seen what happened to someone who tried to run away.

Just like that, the knight left leaving them all there by themselves. He was no babysitter; he was just a guide for them.

Meanwhile, Emrys and Kyren walked a little bit away from the crowd to talk.

Emrys talked first, ”Kyren, I memorized the moves Instructor Ryan made, did you? ”

”Obviously, if you can do it why can I? ” Kyren spat, being cocky.

”Okay, if you memorized it like you said lets have a competition on who can perform it faster and better, ” Emrys suggested.

Kyren replied confidently, ”Lets do it! ”

Unknowing Emrys and Kyren everybody heard their little discussion and was both surprised and intrigued. Most of them didn expect someone to memorize Ryans moves as they didn memorize the moves.

So, they had focused their attention on Kyren and Emrys, they wanted to see if what they said was true and if it was how well could they perform it. They wanted to know if they were in the initial stage.

In mastery of a cultivation technique, there were mastery proficiency levels. It started from initial, intermediate, advanced, profound, mastery, perfection, and transcendence. The last two, perfection and transcendence were a rare occurrence for someone to achieve.

Emrys and Kyren started to perform the moves, which only took them fifteen minutes a little while longer than Ryan.

”Wow! ”

”Amazing! ”

All the youths were flabbergasted, Emrys and Kyren really memorized and performed the technique. When they performed the moves, it wasn trash, but good.

Instead, the voices of some teens another voice that no one could hear whispered to them themselves.

”Geniuses, absolutely geniuses. Its their first time and they already have the technique to the peak of the initial stage. ”

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