Asura The Monarch of Slaughter

Bull King\'s Nine Shifts

It was on the cliff. The voice came from a man on top of the cliff. The man had brown hair and light green eyes, it was their instructor, Ryan.

He was doing his assigned task of scouting for talents.

The empire had ordered all the people in charge of slave mining areas to watch closely of the young slaves cultivating.

The more detailed order was to watch the young slaves monitor their first practice of ”Bull Kings Nine Shifts ” and those that showed more talent than others were to be helped.

By help, the empire meant nurturing the youths with extra help, sword training, extra food, and anything that would fasten their progress.

The reason Ryan didn openly watch the kids was that some would change their personalities to curry favor. Even though the empire was looking for talents no matter what they wanted talents with real qualities of a real knight, not some trash like the knight that beat Kyren.

The real quality of a knight is also known as ”The Ten Great Virtues. ” The virtues were pity, humility, courage, honor, sacrifice, faithfulness, devotion, trustworthiness, generosity, and love.

All these qualities were needed to make it far in knighthood and in creating a key asset in knight cultivation.

After seeing Kyren and Emrys, Ryan instantly knew what to do. He was going to take care of the two, it was his duty to help and recruit such geniuses.

Though Ryan found two great talents he didn head down there to talk to them yet as others didn try the technique out yet. So once everybody performed the technique, he would gather the talented and discuss it with them.

After an hour all the youths had at least tried to perform the nine shifts. Ryan had paid more attention to those who didn reread the manual.

Out of all the forty-something youths, only five were noteworthy. They were Kyren, Emrys, two girls, and one other boy.

After finding the noteworthy talents, Ryan stealthily headed down the cliff as he snatched them up one by one, bringing them on the cliff.

”Ahh! ”

”Wait- ”

”Sto- ”

”Emrys! ”

”Kyren! ”

It had only taken less than two minutes to grab all five of the kids. After grabbing the last youth Ryan stood in front of all five of them, they were all shaken as to what happened.

All the other kids below didn even notice because they thought their sounds were of training and not of panic.

All of them were in their thoughts. They panicked more than others as who wouldn if they got kidnapped.

Once they caught a glimpse of Ryans face, they all calmed their nerves.

”Instructor Ryan! ” they all spoke in sync as they bowed their heads towards him.

Pointing with his finger Ryan said, ”Tell me your names starting from the left to the right! ”

”Sil. ”

”Joline. ”

”Doyt. ”

”Ian. ”

”Kyren. ”

”Emrys. ”

They all announced their names immediately upon request. They only spoke their first names because as a slave they don have a surname. If they did have a family before becoming a slave its gone now.

But the five youths in front of Ryan all became slaves at a young age either because their families abandoned them, sold them, or died.

”Do you know why I brought you up here to talk about? ” Ryan asked in a calm tone.

Emrys quickly replied, ”Because we have greater talent than the others? ”

Ryan complimented, ”Exactly, you five have more talent than the other youths. ”

How is Emrys right on the mark every time? Hes just too smart, Kyren thought as he stared at Emrys.

Ryan continued, ”Though I have observed that you all have greater talent this is only based on your comprehension of performing Bull Kings Nine Shifts. Keep in my mind that the technique is only basic. This is only the initial start, so don get cocky cause talents can bloom later. ”

Ryan was clearing the heads of any unbefitting thoughts of a knight. One shouldn be cocky or arrogant, so Ryan had to get that message through. It would downplay their progress in cultivation.

”Let me ask you all a question. Do you want to become a great person in the future? Do you want to be famous, powerful, and wealthy? ”

”Yes! ” they all said at the same time.

”Are you will put in the effort and hard work to become great? Are you willing to train until you can move? Are you willing to risk your lives for power? ” Ryan exclaimed.

”YES! ”

Ryan was like a general raising the morale of his soldiers, getting their blood and heart pumping. Their will and desire were rising by the second.

All five of them wanted to become great and leave the slave life behind. They wanted to become someone great because who wouldn want to be respected and idolized.

”Then from now on report to the waterfall every day right before the sun starts to rise. On top of this cliff is where I will be training you all until the other youths come then you will be on your own like the others. Don forget! ” Ryan ordered.

”Yes, Instructor Ryan, ” they spoke once again

Ryan then waved his hand meaning goodbye. It had instantly disappeared, moving faster than what the five could see.

Seeing that Ryan had disappeared they all became shocked by his speed. But they soon began to realize something in order starting from Emrys to Sil.

They had been left on the cliff!

Keep in mind the cliff was very tall, it was at least 250ft tall. If they jumped down, they would surely either die, be paralyzed, or break all their bones. Either way, the outcome would be bad.

In the woods, a mans shadow was moving fast through the trees until he stopped.

I forgot the kids

That one thought went straight through Ryans mind, so he turned around, dashing back to his previous location.

Appearing right in front of the kids again he said, ”Sorry about that. ”

They had one thought in their mind, how could such a person just forget that they were there. If their inner soul had a face, its mouth would be wide open.

After a couple of minutes, they were all back on the ground below with Ryan gone too. They all returned as if they never left. The other youths were all trying to get a hang of the cultivation technique.

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