Im hungry. Im bored. Why did I come to the Jianbukecui? Why did I greet Cike Er? Why did I waste time on Cike Hao? I feel so stupid. I feel so… inefficient.

I feel like dying. Its too bothersome. I should get back. I don want to miss my discarded rat. Even in death, he is still so useless. Why do I have to see him die? Must I give him that much face?

Ill have the chef prepare something for me to eat. I want meat.

”an insignificant whore such as yourself could never understand the pains this young master feels, so let me be nice and say this to you directly. Get the hell out of my house, unless you feel like spreading your legs open for me like the how you did for the countless men before me. Be grateful I took an interest in your overused body and open up. ”

How disgusting. I should use it on the princess. Though it saddens me to use this against my future bride, I unfortunately have to do so, as without making such a bad impression and suspecting her purity, I would be unable to live up to my reputation.

”your guards dare to call me a servant?! I know not of how you taught these ungrateful bastards, but unless they are beheaded by dawn, this marriage will fall and you can only blame yourself for protecting such vermin. ”

If the guards decide to provoke me or call me out as a servant.

Id better tell the head servant of the poisoning, lest my plans fail. It should be the kind that lets blood flow.

~around dawn~

Behind the Shoji Screens, I heard a sort of rustling sound. It sounded as if something was scurrying around in the bushes.

If I get the plague, Ill have every doctor in the east killed.

I went outside my room as I was bored of waiting for the damned rat. I enjoyed the cool breeze before the feeling of abnormal blood circulation hit me. I didn sleep enough. I can make do with a few minutes of closing my eyes, but I doubt I can do so without giving up face in front of the Shensheng family.

”young… mas… ter! This servant… is… here… ” came a voice, coughing for breath.

Unlike what I expected, his tendons were not cut. In fact, his legs didn even seem injured at all.

Cike Hao, you damned failure! I will have this debt payed in blood.

”come in. I have the antidote ready for you… ” not.

How could I even have an antidote when I don even know what kind of poison the head servant gave? Ill just give you a bit of my precious medicine and youll feel much better.

I led him into the tigers den and poured a cup of my bitter medicine. The twelfth was poor, so the thirteenth had to make due with his reduced payment.

”*cough cough* thank you, young master. ”

”now go to the town well and shower in it for three hours. The poison in your body has not completely been eradicated. I merely gave you a slowing agent to give you enough time to reach the well. There will be some crushed yang pills inside the well. If your bodys constitution matches with the yang aura of the well, you will be cured. ”

”thank you, young master! I will never forget this debt! ” he said before he ran off.

Slowing agent my ass. There is no way my medicine could actually cure anyone of anything! And that body constitution yin yang shit, — I can believe that fool actually believed me!

At least now, when the Shensheng family come, they will see a naked and bloody man, dead in the well. Hopefully, he undresses. It will leave more an impact if he does. It might even help if I have to say the princess is impure, or something.

But for now, I have got to sleep. If I nod off during the family meeting or the marriage talks with the Shensheng family, grandmother will die and father will kill me. Actually, he might actually spare me, since he loves his dear Shuaiqi so much.

(because if he dies, his brother will have to marry the princess)

~one hours later~

*loud music*

”who the hell is making this racket!? ” he yelled.

There were no servants around his quarters, so he went outside. His mind had dulled considerably due to his lack of sleep, but he knew it would be disastrous if he shouted without knowing what was happening.

He shamelessly walked in his night robes to the front door, only to be greeted by a cold black wood carriage with beautiful gold engravings filled with all sorts of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. The entire structure was being hauled by nine war horses.

War horses, unlike most other types of horses, was something Pangzi was VERY familiar with, as he was raised in a highly militaristic family. It was no doubt that he could also point out the weak war horses from the strong.

The nine he saw in front of him at that moment, were all the best of the best. He had only seen one of such quality, and that was his fathers personal war horse. Seeing nine replicas of such a perfect being was almost an impossible feat. Especially when you consider the time and resources needed to cultivate ordinary war horses. And if that horse dies mid-training, which is rather common, all the resources put into it would go to waste.

The coachman who was perfectly leading the nine horses saw Pangzi gazing in awe at the eight horses. Not knowing who he was, the coachman raised his whip and struck Pangzi as hard as he could.

As said before, Pangzi is from a highly militaristic family. And because of that, he was raised to become a killer. No matter the situation, he was able to make all pain minimal. A rather special skill he learnt, was to harden some parts of his skin.

It was not a permanent effect, nor did it really harden his skin. It made it so a specific part of his body becomes more detached, allowing him to feel less pain, and the density of his muscles increase in that area. It was an inhuman, but convenient skill for both attack and defense, though he was unable to hold onto a part of flesh like that for more than ten seconds.

Luckily, he had been trained to not look at stunning things for too long, and happened to catch the whip by its tip when it was about to strike his face.

He pulled the whip as hard as he could, which cut a good chunk of his flesh and pulled the coachman off of his seat. The horses were, unfortunately, still moving at their slow pace.

As they kept on moving, the coachman who had fallen under then was crushed by the wheels of the carriage. Of course, the carriage had a hard time getting over the fat lump of mass, as it was moving very slowly, but it eventual managed. The coachman, despite multiple cracks being heard as the heavy carriage drove over him, refused to die.

As the horses now approached Pangzi, he moved over to the left to greet his visitors. Some servants had finally noticed Pangzi had awoken and came rushing behind him. He knew his father sent them to make sure he did nothing, but he already had a plan in mind.

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