Can I Cross The Line?

Chapter 5: Mrs Hudson at the Party part 1


Chapter 4: Mr Hudson Went Home Too Early

”Call for an emergency meeting with every manager of every department in fifteen minutes. ”

”Yes, sir. ”

The secretary bowed before he opened the door and went outside to inform all the managers of every department. When the said people went inside the conference room, they were all confused as to why the CEO suddenly asked for an emergency meeting. It doesn happen unless the company was in the verge of bankruptcy.

”Did something happen to the company that we didn know about? ”

”The CEO won fire any of us, right? ”

e scaring me! Don say ominous things! ”

”I was just too nervous that the CEO suddenly called us. You know that he becomes a monster when he gets angry. ”

”Shut up. ”

The chatter died down instantly when the glass door opened, and Garvin entered. His longs legs were accentuated by his trousers that fit just right.

As his eyes scanned the people inside the room, they bowed their heads and dared not speak at all. It was very silent.

Garvin sat down on the head seat and the others only sat down after him. They were scared to be reprimanded just because they sat down before the CEO.

Crossing his hands and putting his elbows on the table, it made Garvin looked more imposing. Then he opened his mouth.

”I called you here because its time for this company to step up on the game. ”

Although they were dying to know what he means, the people stayed silent.

”Secretary Brown? ”

Secretary Brown stood up and opened a presentation.

”As you can see in the graph, purchasing rare items from the market is the trend now. Lets take for example our competitor company, EFG Corporation. Not so long ago, they bought an auctioned item abroad for $10 million. It wasn only limited in auctioned rare items, but also to famous personalities that would retire in the industry. There has been rumors that a renowned jewelry designer from abroad will arrive in this country to design his final piece of jewelry before he marries his bride-to-be. ”

The people inside the room were puzzled. Why the sudden interest in jewelries? As far as they know, their CEO wasn someone who could be interested in jewelries, nor to rare items. He wasn the type of person who would fight over an item. He would rather buy something no one would.

So why?

Garvin stood up from his seat and said, ”I want you to make this designer come to our company and make a partnership before his wedding. ”

”But Mr CEO, it would be difficult to contact such a high-profile person in that industry. Specially because we don have ties in the fashion industry. ”

”Then we can start with him. Our company is expanding, so shouldn you also expect some changes in the companys objectives? ”

”… ”

The person who asked became tongue-tied when he heard the CEOs answer. But it was still confusing.

Garvins company started out as a small-scale contractual construction company before it became so big and was even a real estate agent today. It was the hard work of his great grandfather, who was said to started out as an engineer.

Not accepting any refusals, the meeting went on for another hour arising different opinions from each of the managers. Of course, the executive directors also voiced out their opinions. Though they were more inclined in agreeing with Garvins idea.

After the emergency meeting, Garvin and Secretary Brown went back to his office. As soon as they entered the office, Garvin sat down on his chair and massaged his temples. It was hurting.

”Sir, do you want to take a break first? I can change your schedule if you want. ”

”No, its fine. The company needs me now, since we will be experimenting a new line of business. ”

Secretary Brown closed his mouth in understanding and waited for other orders from Garvin. But few minutes had passed, and Garvin didn tell him anything, so he excused himself and was about to go out of the door.

Garvins voice sounded behind him.

”I just remembered. Hows the thing I asked you to do? ”

”The stylist was already on their way. They were just waiting for the Madam to come down to start the preparation. ”

Garvin was startled.

”Ah, whats the time now? ”

”Its past two in the afternoon, sir. ”

”I forgot to eat lunch. ”

Because he was so busy, he even forgot to eat lunch, and so he was only reminded that he needed to eat when he asked about his wife. Thinking of Mariana, Garvin thought that she probably hasn had lunch yet.

Garvin stood up from his seat and put on his suit. He needs to go home quickly, or else Mariana will go to the party with an empty stomach.

Seeing his boss standing up from his seat, the secretary who had been worrying about his boss condition was so happy that he almost squealed in happiness.

Does this mean that no overtime today?

But his dreams were shattered at once.

”Wait for COO Smith to bring the report and send it to my house. Remember, until the end of the day only. If not, he can take his things and go. ”

Secretary Browns legs weakened, and he was about to die.

So no early going home today as well. What tough life.

Garvin walked out of his office with his suit on his hand and his phone on the other. He was thinking of sending a message to Mariana, but he changed his mind at the last minute.

Ill just eat with her.

Garvin unknowingly smiled which sent chills down Secretary Browns spine. He didn know his boss could smile like this.

Oh I know. Must be Madam. Now, I am dying to meet her.

No one knew how the Madam looks like. All they know was that she was a daughter of some businessman who was their companys long-term partner in business. Other than that, no other information was given to the public for some gossip.

Is our boss keeping the Madam for himself only?

The little secretary suddenly felt excited when he imagined his monster-like boss was so possessive of his wife.

Isn that the essence of a CEO themed novel? Could it be that their relationship was like those novels?

Garvin was already inside the elevator when he raised his head and looked at his secretary with a stupid look on his face. He frowned.

How can a guy look so ugly?

”Why are you not getting on? ”

”Huh? Oh, yes, sorry sir. ”

Secretary Brown was startled by Garvins eyes looking straight at his. It felt like he was looking right inside his soul.

After tapping the ground floor, Garvin asked the secretary.

”Have they arrived? ”

”By now, yes sir. Do you want me to tell them to start right away? ”

”No need. I will tell them myself when I get home. ”

At that moment, the elevator opened the door and they arrived at the ground floor which was the parking area.

When Garvin opened the door and sat on the drivers seat, he stopped and reminded the secretary to limit the journalists inside the venue of the party later.

Secretary Brown was baffled at first, but then he realized it was for the Madam. So he happily agreed and bid the CEO goodbye.

Inside her study, Mariana was still busy sorting out all the designs she made for the last few days. She was thinking of what could satisfy the famous designer. She even drew new ones and made new versions of the designs she thought was too plain.

Arching her back and stretching her arms, Marianas eyes inadvertently caught the clock on the wall. It was almost three in the afternoon. She suddenly jolted from her seat and ran down the stairs.

Sure enough, the stylist Garvin told her about in the morning was already there and waiting for her. She was embarrassed that she had made them wait for almost an hour.

”Oh, Im sorry. I was so busy working I forgot about the appointment. ”

”Its alright, Madam. Sir told us not to interrupt as you will be working. ”

Mariana waved her hands, clearly very embarrassed.

”No, no. It is my fault for letting you wait. Do you want to have snacks first before we start the preparation? ”

”No need, Madam. ”

The stylist and her assistants politely rejected Marianas offer for snacks, and Mariana couldn press them any further.

Feeling a little bit self-conscious, Mariana became fidgety not knowing where to put her hands. But realizing that they were initially here for the party later, she hurriedly led them upstairs.

It was at that moment they heard the car engine driving inside the compound. Mariana and the team of stylists stopped and looked outside. The car door opened and Garvin alighted.

Mariana was surprised to see him getting home too early for his schedule. When the group of stylists saw him, they were also surprised but they didn show it to their faces. They went down the stairs again with Mariana slowly trailing behind them.

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