Chosen of the Stormlord

Chapter 1 Before the raid

”Tell me Raven, what are you going to do with your share? ”

”Come on Grumpit leave the boy alone. Ain it clear all he wants is quiet before the raid? ”

”You shut up old man! I lead the snatch and grab team! Its my job to make sure everyones on board. ”

The old man first raised a hand, then scratched his scruffy white beard.

”Well Raven, you know how dangerous this is going to be… we might not all come back. ”

”We are all going to die aren we? ” said a small man whose head lay flat on the table.

He raised his head, finished his drink and sank back down.

”Alvin you shut up too! No one is going to die on my watch! Just you wait! I will shove my cleaver up these rich bastards and prick knights asses! ”

”Grumpit, I appreciate the enthusiasm. But I must ask for a lower tone of voice. ”

said a woman who sat across the tavern at a round table. Her garments were long, dark and obstructed the view of any body part but the right hand. Her gray skin gave contrast to the depicted crowned dancing Skeleton.

”Ye-es mam. ” Grumpit shivered and did as commanded.

It took a while before someone spoke again. Raven slowly raised his head.

”I really don know. You know how my family is, I certainly will not give them a single gold coin. ”

”Raven… what about that kind sister of yours? ” said the old man.

”Even if I bought her something pretty, her mother would take it away. ”

Raven lowered his head again.

”This damn family! Let me teach that father of yours a few things! ”

Grumpit raised his fist, but halted while looking back towards the woman.

The old man lay a hand on Grumpits raised arm.

”The boy told you again and again, he doesn want anything to happen to his old man!

Doesn matter if he hit him and his mother or not, he is still his own father. ”

”What a great father that is… ”

”So would you beat him to death Grumpit? Even if it were your own blood? ”

”Of course! Id ** that son of a bitch up! If my old man drove my sweet mama to such a state… ”

”You numbskull! To kill ones father! Not even the gods will forgive you! ”

A gray hand was slowly raised and the room became quiet as a grave.

”Raymond ”.

”My Lady, I beg your forgiveness ” said Raymond as he shrank in his seat.

”Haha, serves you right old man. ”

Grumpit chuckled in a deep voice. Then he turned to Raven once more.

”Boy you gotta want one thing or the other which needs some good old coins right? Me ? I want women, hit the hottest places in the city and give something back to my people. ”

Grumpit raised his Chin while speaking.

”Don ** with us! As if you cared for beggars and whores. ”

Alvin shifted his head on the table to speak.

”They barely make a living, just like us. So its only right that we give a little something back! ”

”That will make you feel better. They will splash the money on drugs right away. ”

”Or get killed for the coin even before they have a chance of spending it ”

said Raymond while nodding toward Alvin.

”Do you really think it is hopeless? I mean us and the others, are we trapped down here? ”

”Your people got it better than most Raven. You
e from a family of merchants, you can travel and have citizenship in the capital. Most servants can only dream of such a life. ”

”They are not my people. I belong here, for their kind I have nothing but disdain. ”

”But Raven you see, without the guilds running the city, there would be fewer jobs and … ”


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