Adam lived in a modern world where almost everyone drives a car, much like ours. But suddenly everything changed, when Adam woke up he was greeted by a translucent blue window. Something you only see in games and novels, a status window!

Adam quickly learned that everyone got these and monsters would spawn in and out of town every now and then. In the beginning, people were scared and let the police and military fight the monsters.

But after a while, people felt more confident and the news that killing monsters makes you stronger spread. Very soon the news was reporting about monster apparitions and it became a race to see who could kill the monster first. Even at level 5, a simple human could run faster than a world-class sprinter and be stronger than a simple human should be able to.

Of course, some died fighting the monsters, but that didn stop the people in their greed. Adam was always at the forefront as well, because he had heard from some people that it was possible to use magic like in a game and of course, he didn want to let that slip. Even at a low level, he had learned a basic lightning spell and could slay monsters before most humans with melee skills even reach them.

With stealing kills and casually killing from afar, Adam had soon reached a high level, but unfortunately, the monsters kept increasing and he and some of the other high-level people started having difficulties as well.

In less than a year, when Adam was 17, the monsters became a real threat as they were almost everywhere now. Not only that their numbers had increased significantly, no, but many of the monsters were also much stronger and could no longer be fought alone. Shortly thereafter, Adams parents died in a monster attack and the city, whose buildings were mostly in ruins, was sealed off by the ever-increasing danger.

At a gathering attended by almost all of the citys survivors, teams were formed to hunt down and kill the monsters outside. Of course, hunting in teams also had a reason to increase the citys fighting power and ensure the safety of the residents.

At first, Adam didn like his teammates at all, but the struggle to survive works wonders and quickly Adams teammates became something like a new family to him. He especially liked Akane and Tom who were his age.

Tom had gone to school with Adam, but he had never spoken to him, and Akane being new in town, she didn like to talk about where she was from, but Adam thought she had only recently come to this country.

The town hall became something that could be described as an adventurers guild, here the hunter groups met and could exchange news and accept quests.

Often the quests were from farmers who had discovered footprints in their fields or had heard something at night. This went on for years and everyone had discarded the thought that everything would go back to how it used to be. Up until the day Adams and 2 other teams were called out, an elderly lady had seen a dragon.

The three teams had fought dragons before, the typical western dragons often seen in games and manga and the exotic snake-like eastern dragons. In either case, the teams were well-equipped, with enough fighting power to fight a western dragon that was like a flying tank and a plan for the fast and agile eastern dragons.

But no one expected that the older lady was talking about a Hydra and not a Dragon. That was the day Adam left this world…

When Adam woke up, he found himself in a room resembling a medieval dungeon, dimly lit by only a few torches.

”Welcome! Welcome to hell, little soul! Im Sareva and we
e going to have a lot of fun together for the next centuries. ” An intoxicating voice sounded out of the darkness. The last part sounded like she was trying to suppress a laugh.

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