e turned around and opened his eyes in shock when he looked into the yellow glowing eyes. The eyes that belonged to the Demon that tortured him for so long.

”Sa… Sareva! ” He said with a shaking voice. He experienced on his own how cruel and merciless those damn demons are.

”Fufufufu, awww you called me by my name. Come on, let me bring you back, we will have so much fun! ” The woman said with a grin and kicked him so hard he flew away.

”Arghh! ” With a bang, Adam crashed into the small wooden shrine.


”Oh shit! Wha… What is a demon doing here? ” The couple were in shock when Sareva walked over to them with a grin and her tail flicking from left to right.

”So…rry, but no witnesses! ” She said in a melodic voice, her sharp claws ripped the mans throat out. So fast that the man couldn even react. Sarevas tail coiled around the womans neck to strangle her.

The woman struggled to loosen the tail around her neck and kicked the demon with all her might.

”HAHAHA! You are an energetic one, aren you? ” Sareva laughed at the lousy efforts of the woman. Sarevas strength was in a completely different league, so with a quick twist and a cracking sound the womans body went limp.

While the demon was busy, Adam struggled against an unknown force. Desperately, he tried to crawl away from the shrine, but he couldn find a spot to grab and pull himself away. But contrary to his assumption, he didn get sucked into the shrine; he got sucked into the bundle of clothes.

”AAAAAHHH, What is that? ” Adam tried everything to get away, but it was useless; the pulling force was too strong. After a while, he felt like he was falling into a deep pit and everything was dark. When Adam opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on the ground, looking up into the blue sky.

”OH, You got sucked into the body of a baby. HAHAHA, this sounds funny. ” Sareva, who appeared over him laugh like a maniac.

Adam was in a panic, now with this tiny body, he couldn even run.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew through the forest, bending the trees, whirling up leaves and dust.

”How dare you to mess with my offerings and defile my shrine! FILTHY DEMON, prepare for my divine punishment! ” A raging female voice resounded in the forest, causing the ground to shake.

There she was, wearing a tight-fitting white dress that revealed a little too much of her white skin. She had long blonde hair that made her blood-red lips stand out even more.

”Y… You damn third-class goddess! This soul belongs to me! ” Sareva yelled out in anger and spat on the ground.

The Blonde goddess raised her arm and snapped her fingers.

”AAAHHH….! ” It didn even take a second and Sareva dissolved in a golden light with a painful scream.

”Hmmm… what do we have here? A few fruits, coins, and a little human child! ” The goddess walked closer and looked at the things that were scattered on the ground where her shrine was.

With a wave of her hand the offerings vanished.

”I will let my servants repair the shrine later. But what do I do with you? Hmm… it got quiet in my palace lately since my children already moved out. So i will take you with me ” She said and picked Adam up.

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