Escape Hell to become a God

Into the mortal world. The adventure begins!

never know whats going to happen, my little one! Its a world where heroes are summoned from time to time, after all. Maybe, someone familiar too! ” The goddess smiled and sipped her tea.

But Adam, following the angel, had already left the room and could no longer hear his mothers words. His eyes fixed on the angel warriors perfectly round bubble butt. Those swaying hips and skintight white leather pants mesmerized the young man.

What would he give to just smack her ass with the palm of his hand. But unfortunately, his last attempts ended in a training session that was more like hell.

”Don even think about it, if you want to keep your hand! Concentrate on your training, because down there you will lose your powers and live the life of a normal human. But if you master the technique, youll make it! Also, I heard from Amael that magic isn a big problem for you. ” Sofiel said as she pushed open the huge doors to the training ground with ease.

”Yes Master, I will do my best. Well, Master Amael has a lot of patience and doesn distract me with his huge swinging Boo… Uhm W… wings! ” Adam tried to correct his statement but fooling an angel like Sofiel was pointless.

”HUGE SWINGING WINGS? ” A wave of intense heat hit Adam as suddenly high flames erupted from the warriors sword.

Her sky-blue eyes lit up menacingly! Adam was only shocked for a moment as this situation was perfectly normal. This blonde beauty is way too irritable. Adam had no choice but to grab a sword and get into a fighting stance. As Adam got ready, his eyes shone blue and a golden aura surrounded him.

”Looks like the technique training paid off! But that little bit is useless against me. ” His masters voice made the ground tremble.

Training went as usual. Adam attacks and Sofiel defends. When the heat becomes unbearable, he increases the distance. Adam has tried many times to put out the flames with magic, but it is useless. The flames of an angels sword would burn even at the bottom of the ocean if given enough magic.

Before Adam knew it, it was almost evening and Sofiel finished the lesson.

”That should be enough. Now go to the shrines and collect the offerings like always! ” Said Sofiel and let the flames on her sword go out.

”No, Mother is having one of her angels take care of that today, so I still have some time! ” Adam replied as he put the sword back on the weapon stand.

”Okay. Here, take this! ” Before the angelic warrior turned to leave, she threw something at Adam.

Adam caught the object out of the air with ease and marveled when he saw the sword his master had entrusted to him. The hilt and scabbard were jet black, while the pommel and hand guard was gold. He drew the sword from the scabbard and looked at the slightly bluish-shimmering blade. It was straight, single-edged, and the point reminded him of a tanto knife he once owned. When the brown-haired young man looked up to thank his master, she was already gone. Adam rushed to his room, grabbed some clothes, and disappeared into the bathroom. Dressed in black leather boots, leather trousers, and a white shirt, Adam searched the chest on the foot end of his bed.

”AH, here it is! Finally, I have the opportunity to wear Master Amaels present! ” Said the young man as he put on a brown leather armor with wing patterns on the back.

Satisfied, he strapped his new sword around his waist and ran to the room where he had drank tea with his mother before. The goddess who had made herself comfortable on her couch looked up from a scroll and smiled.

”Would you like to leave already? Come on over here and sit down! ” She gestured to the seat next to her as she made the scrolls disappear.

Adam didn need to be told twice and sat down next to his mother, who put an arm around him and ruffled his hair.

”Mooom! Im not a kid anymore! ” Despite saying this, he closed his eyes and savored the moment.

”Fufufu, in my eyes, almost everyone is still a child! I see Sofiel finally gave you her present, too. But I wouldn be your mother if I didn have one for you too! ” She kissed his forehead gently before snapping her fingers.

Two gold bracelets and a gold necklace appeared on her lap out of nowhere.

”The bracelets let you store pretty much anything and the necklace is for limiting your powers. Of course, I packed you a couple of sandwiches, a map, something to drink, and some pocket money! ” She said as she helped him put everything on.

”Thank you, Mom! ” He hugs his mother tightly.

”Oh, it is time, you have to go now. Don worry, we can talk if you pray at a temple or shrine! And keep your eyes peeled for the heroes! ” She snapped her fingers and a portal appeared right in front of them.

”Naturally! I will tell you everything when I come to a shrine. So Im going! ” With a smile on his lips, the young man turned around and disappeared into the pitch-black portal. He no longer had any concerns about the portal, because Master Amael had taught him this magic too.

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