Escape Hell to become a God

First Day and a new Job?

Holding the boy in her arms, the goddess made a simple gesture with her hand. Adams eyes opened wide. He never thought he would ever see something like this. But there it was, a wormhole! The gentle pull that emanated from it made her golden hair dance. Adam got nervous as the goddess moved towards it and closed his eyes.

For a brief moment, there was absolute silence. Adam had braced himself for turbulence, or at least the gut feeling you get on a roller coaster.

e here! This will be your new home! ” Said the goddess. A moment ago her voice had made the earth tremble, and he had almost wet himself. But now her soft voice triggered a warm feeling in him, so he opened his eyes.

What Adam saw left his mouth hanging wide open, the palace was of such beauty that words could not even describe it. They hovered over a garden that would make even the greatest king green with envy. Statues of angels, fountains, and flowers of every color imaginable stretch as far as the eye can see. In the middle of the garden, on a hill, stood a gigantic white palace with golden domes. There were flowers and plant pots in every window and on every balcony. Even next to the huge pillars at the entrance.

As Adam wanted to take a closer look at the palace, he found himself in front of a throne. Throne might be the wrong word for a comfy-looking white couch with gold cushions. But throne was the word that came to mind first when he saw the two kneeling angels on either side of the couch. The male angel had long black hair, wore a white robe, and held a book in his hand. The woman, on the other hand, had her long blond hair tied in a ponytail and had a very athletic build. What Adam noticed the most was the shimmering red sword on her hip and the huge white wings they both had. Immediately the goddess made herself comfortable on her couch.

”Aww, you must be hungry. I got something for you! ” She said with a smile and bared her breasts.

16 years later.

A Brown haired young man and a blond woman were sitting at a round white table.

The woman was the goddess and the young boy was Adam. After all these years, Adam has grown and had an athletic physique.

”Why did you call me, mother? ” Adam asked as he listlessly stirred his tea.

”Do you know why I named you Adam? ” She leaned forward and looked at Adam to see his reaction closely.

”Um, no I don know. Why are you asking, Mom? ” The boy replied in surprise, although he knew exactly why.

Adam didn want to hide the fact that he had lived before. He wanted to forget it! The Monster Apocalypse! How monsters ripped apart and ate the bodies of his friends and family. How he struggled to survive and the things he had to do to survive. Even today, in his dreams, he hears their screams and sees their pained faces. And then there also was Hell…

”Mr. Adam Young! Lived on earth, until he got ripped in two by a hydra at the age of 29. You went to hell for the murder of 16 people, but I know they attacked your friends and you had to do it. ” The goddess said, placing a hand on Adams shoulder.

With each word, his hand gripped the spoon tighter.

”They attacked our camp and killed some of us, of course, I killed some of them. It didn have to be that way. When monsters suddenly appeared out of nowhere and the shit with the system started, of course, I chose the mage class. They called our group because they saw a dragon, but we weren prepared for a hydra. ” Yelled Adam as he held himself back from completely freaking out.

BOOM! With a loud bang, the huge golden double doors flew open.

And here she was! Tall, blond, athletic, and pointing a flaming sword at Adam. Besides her huge white wings, her gigantic balloons immediately caught Adams eyes. Even her breastplate couldn hide them.

”Greetings, Lady Gloria, Goddess of Glory! ” After a slight bow towards the Goddess, she turned back to Adam.

”Did you really think you could skip practice? ” With a single flap of her wings, she catapulted herself right behind him.

”No, of course not! I would never skip Master Amaels magic lesson. Even less, would I want to miss your lessons in swordsmanship! But it seems like Mom… uh my Goddess has to talk to me about important stuff right now. ” Adam turned to her and answered truthfully.

I would never want to miss those huge balloons swinging while training! Adam thought and couldn prevent his gaze from falling on her breasts.

„It is not that important! So go and have fun! ” Said the Goddess with a smile.

Adam got up from his chair and bowed slightly, and followed the angel to the door.

”Don forget that you will descend tonight! ” said the goddess as Adam walked past her.

”Huh? Is that today already? Well, Ill live among the people as you told me to! But my decision is already made! I will become stronger and rise to a god! Then I can go to the gods academy like my big sisters Vila, Ina, and big brother Ateus. ” Adam answered determinedly.

”Lets wait and see. You never know whats going to happen, my little one! Its a world where heroes are summoned from time to time, after all. Maybe, someone familiar too! ” The goddess smiled and sipped her tea.

But Adam, following the angel, had already left the room and could no longer hear his mothers words. His eyes fixed on the angel warriors perfectly round bubble butt. Those swaying hips and skintight white leather pants mesmerized the young man.

What would he give to just smack her ass with the palm of his hand. But unfortunately, his last attempts ended in a training session that was more like hell.

”Don even think about it, if you want to keep your hand! Concentrate on your training, because down there you will lose your powers and live the life of a normal human. But if you master the technique, youll make it! Also, I heard from Amael that magic isn a big problem for you. ” Sofiel said as she pushed open the huge doors to the training ground with ease.

”Yes Master, I will do my best. Well, Master Amael has a lot of patience and doesn distract me with his huge swinging Boo… Uhm W… wings! ” Adam tried to correct his statement but fooling an angel like Sofiel was pointless.

”HUGE SWINGING WINGS? ” A wave of intense heat hit Adam as suddenly high flames erupted from the warriors sword.

Her sky-blue eyes lit up menacingly! Adam was only shocked for a moment as this situation was perfectly normal. This blonde beauty is way too irritable. Adam had no choice but to grab a sword and get into a fighting stance. As Adam got ready, his eyes shone blue and a golden aura surrounded him.

”Looks like the technique training paid off! But that little bit is useless against me. ” His masters voice made the ground tremble.

Training went as usual. Adam attacks and Sofiel defends. When the heat becomes unbearable, he increases the distance. Adam has tried many times to put out the flames with magic, but it is useless. The flames of an angels sword would burn even at the bottom of the ocean if given enough magic.

Before Adam knew it, it was almost evening and Sofiel finished the lesson.

”That should be enough. Now go to the shrines and collect the offerings like always! ” Said Sofiel and let the flames on her sword go out.

”No, Mother is having one of her angels take care of that today, so I still have some time! ” Adam replied as he put the sword back on the weapon stand.

”Okay. Here, take this! ” Before the angelic warrior turned to leave, she threw something at Adam.

Adam caught the object out of the air with ease and marveled when he saw the sword his master had entrusted to him. The hilt and scabbard were jet black, while the pommel and hand guard was gold. He drew the sword from the scabbard and looked at the slightly bluish-shimmering blade. It was straight, single-edged, and the point reminded him of a tanto knife he once owned. When the brown-haired young man looked up to thank his master, she was already gone. Adam rushed to his room, grabbed some clothes, and disappeared into the bathroom. Dressed in black leather boots, leather trousers, and a white shirt, Adam searched the chest on the foot end of his bed.

”AH, here it is! Finally, I have the opportunity to wear Master Amaels present! ” Said the young man as he put on a brown leather armor with wing patterns on the back.

Satisfied, he strapped his new sword around his waist and ran to the room where he had drank tea with his mother before. The goddess who had made herself comfortable on her couch looked up from a scroll and smiled.

”Would you like to leave already? Come on over here and sit down! ” She gestured to the seat next to her as she made the scrolls disappear.

Adam didn need to be told twice and sat down next to his mother, who put an arm around him and ruffled his hair.

”Mooom! Im not a kid anymore! ” Despite saying this, he closed his eyes and savored the moment.

”Fufufu, in my eyes, almost everyone is still a child! I see Sofiel finally gave you her present, too. But I wouldn be your mother if I didn have one for you too! ” She kissed his forehead gently before snapping her fingers.

Two gold bracelets and a gold necklace appeared on her lap out of nowhere.

”The bracelets let you store pretty much anything and the necklace is for limiting your powers. Of course, I packed you a couple of sandwiches, a map, something to drink, and some pocket money! ” She said as she helped him put everything on.

”Thank you, Mom! ” He hugs his mother tightly.

”Oh, it is time, you have to go now. Don worry, we can talk if you pray at a temple or shrine! And keep your eyes peeled for the heroes! ” She snapped her fingers and a portal appeared right in front of them.

”Naturally! I will tell you everything when I come to a shrine. So Im going! ” With a smile on his lips, the young man turned around and disappeared into the pitch-black portal. He no longer had any concerns about the portal, because Master Amael had taught him this magic too.

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