Fake I Do

Step by Step

Friendship they say is one of the necessities of life, and again, it is told that a true friend is worth more than gold. Well, this believe had eaten deep into the hearts of many, especially these four individuals, Ryan, Catherine, Gregory and kyla, and a tale foretold about their separation was like a myth that could never come to reality.

It all began at Truth university, where they all met. Actually, Ryan and Gregory were already childhood friends, but Catherine and Kyla were roommates who met at the university, but their bond had grown stronger and stronger each passing day. Somehow, kyla had gotten to meet Gregory, and had fallen in love with him, so it could be said that the duo were in a relationship, but Ryan was still on air, and Catherine was still trying to assure herself that she wasn a lesbian since all her companies were always women, the beautiful ones at that.

”You need a woman in your life pal, take a good look at me, Im definitely living my dreams ” Gregory spoke nudging Ryan who was lost in his own thoughts.

”There are lots of beautiful women, why can you settle down with any of them? ” Gregory asked with great concern.

”I haven seen the one worthy of me Greg ” Ryan replied caressing his hair.

Indeed he was a cutie, with a chisled physique. He was an upper class, I mean someone from a very wealthy family, and as the only heir, he was quite arrogant but was pure at heart, and tender as a bunny. When he smiled, his neat set of teeth was exposed with dimples that bore through the sides of his cheeks. He was remarkably handsome.

”Are you being serious right now? ” Greg asked in surprise

”Well I am ” Ryan replied getting up on his feet

”Call me when youve got something more important to say ” he said as he walked to his car, while Gregory stared after him in awe.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Kyla was also trying to talk Catherine into getting a boyfriend.

”Cathy, I could introduce you to some of my male friends, trust me you would like one of them, just try out… ”

”Kyla Im not interested ” she replied with a yawn.

”As you can see, I just had a really boring lecture and Id like to sleep now please ” she said burying herself underneath her blanket, but Kyla wouldn give up so easily.

”Get out of bed you pig brain and lets get dressed. ” She said pulling the blanket away.

Bewildered, Catherine asked.

”Where are we going tonight? ”

”To a clubhouse ” Kyla replied with a grin,

”Id like you to meet someone you might like. ” She spoke again pulling Catherine out of bed.

At the club, the sound of disco music coupled with the loud cheers from people who filled the bar irritated Catherines ears. She sipped her drink trying to act like she belonged, but she just didn fit in. She looked to her left only to find two couples making out. Quickly, she diverted her gaze, but there was Kyla and Greg, making out too, right there, before her eyes.

”I knew this was a bad idea ” she muttered to herself.

Like kyla had heard her, she pushed Gregs face away from her nape and focused her attention on Catherine.

”Don worry Cathy, hed be here in a minute or two, please be patient and don mind us. ” She said caressing Gregs already awoken monster.

Catherine didn even say a word. She finished her drink in a gulp and excused herself to the ladies.

At the mirror, she kept staring into her eyes unsure of what to ponder on.

”I need to leave, Im almost drunk ” she said to herself as she washed her face with water. As she rose her head for the last time to wipe her face clean, she saw the image of someone standing behind her from the mirror. She turned just in time to lock eyes with the hefty guy all dressed in black, with his hair tied up with a black bandana.

”Who are you? And what are you doing in the ladies room? ” Catherine asked a bit nervous.

The guy didn utter a word. He only took a few steps towards Catherine and stopped dead on his tracks.

”Don come any closer you pervert! ” Catherine screamed trying to figure out a way to escape, but the guy rushed at her and grabbed her by the waist.

”Not so fast honey… ” He spoke with a rather coarse voice.

”Im horny! ” He whispered into Catherines ears.

”Stop!…let…let go of me! ” Catherine screamed trying to break free from his grip, but couldn .

Quickly, the guy pushed her to the pinning her between his legs. He unzipped his trousers ready for pleasure, but as he made to lift Catherines skirt, someone tapped him from behind.

”Hey…isn it unhygienic to do something of this nature here? I mean you are in the middle of the ladies convenience, and worse, on the floor…thats… thats disgusting! ” The other guy spoke.

”Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you distract me at a time like this? ” The guy spoke with disgust as beads of sweat trickled down his face.

Calmly, but with agility, the other guy drew him up and away from Catherine. With a smirk on his face, he said.

”My name is Ryan, Ryan Aredian Smith the third. This is my clubhouse, and I have the right to choose who goes in or out of it, what happens in it and where or why. ”

Clenching his fist, he landed a punch on the perverts guts but still held on to him. The man growled in pain clutching his stomach, but Ryan stood him up straight.

e allowed to have fun here, but not a forced one, and clearly the lady isn in the mood so let her be ”

The man grew in a rage.

”How dare you treat me this way because of a whore?! ” He yelled bringing out a gun from his jacket.

”Oh no! ” Catherine exclaimed.

”Hes got a gun, watch out! ” She exclaimed, but the man pointed it at her instead.

”Quiet you bitch before I loose my temper ” he complained, almost pulling the trigger, but Ryan dived him just in time. He overpowered him, throwing the gun out of his hands. Catherine crawled and picked it up watching the two men sproul on the ground in a hot fight.

Finally, Ryan triumphed, and while the pervert was still on the ground trying to catch his breath, Ryan called in the club bouncers

”Pick him up ” he ordered adjusting his clothes.

”Yessir! ” They said in unison.

”Lock him up and don let him out till I say so. ” He said again before locking eyes with Catherine.

”Do you know how to use it? You should keep it with you ” he said referring to the gun. Who knows when next your beauty will arouse someone else? He grinned, as he left the convenience to his table.

”What happened? Why are you so late? ” Greg asked as soon as Ryan took his seat.

”I was out saving a beauty… ” Ryan replied pouring himself a glass of beer.

Kyla kept looking in the direction of the ladies wondering why Catherine was yet to come out, and like Ryan could read her expressions, he asked.

”Miss, are you expecting someone? Isn this a night for the three of us? ” Ryan looked from Kyla to Greg and back to Kyla again

”Well, you see, Kylas friend… actually… ” Greg struggled for words but was soon distracted by Catherines entry.

”Cathy! What in the world happened to your dress? ” Kyla asked very much alarmed.

Ryan turned to lock eyes with the same girl he had just saved at the ladies.

”She…shes your friend? ” He asked no one in particular, but Kyla didn even have the time to give him a reply. She drew Catherine into a hug and apologized greatly.

”I feel terrible cathy, am so sorry I left you all alone. ” Like something clocked in her head, she released Catherine and asked.

”Who was it that did this to you? Tell me, I promise I will rip his face off! ” She threatened.

”Its alright Kyla, this gentleman here already took care of him ” Catherine replied rather weak.

Both Kyla and Greg looked at Ryan in surprise.

”What?! I didn know she was a friend, was just trying to be of help ” he said absentmindedly.

”Thank you. ” Kyla spoke and looking at Greg, she said

”This is Catherine Stuart, the girl I wanted you to meet. ”

Immediately, Greg beamed and shook hands with Catherine while Ryan stared at the trio cluelessly. Greg smiled at him saying.

”I guess it was destined, you both already met. ”

Ryan was still confused, he looked at the faces before him and itching his head, he turned to Greg.

”What do you mean? ”

Well, this is the girl I recommended you, Ask her out! ” Greg replied with a grin.

Ryan was dumbstruck. He stared blankly at Catherine and without uttering a word he got up and walked out.

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