Fake I Do

\"will you marry me\"

Indeed their relationship blossomed Ryan and Catherine were the talk of the whole school. Ryan was from a wealthy home, he was the son of the chairman of Aredian Smith Defense, a company that produced and supplied arms to the military and other legal organizations. The company also had a firm of its own, the Aredian Smith Jury as well as a Bank, the Aredian Smith Bank, a club house and a fashion house. Ryan was the sole Heir to the Aredian Smith Empire. His father, Lord Aredian Smith was a well known business tycoon whos net worth was over billions of pounds. His mother was also the CEO of Belles, a company that dealt mostly on wedding dresses and event planning.

Catherine on the other hand was also from a wealthy and prominent home. Her Mother was the Deputy Prime Minister for health and social care while her father was the Lord of privy seal (leader of the house of lords). Catherine was raised like a princess, but she wasn exposed to the real world, hence was a little naive. But now she had found Ryan, she was no longer scared of the dangers of the world. All she cared about was their love.

Ryan was lost staring at a photo of Catherine in his laptop. A broad smile brightened up his face as he caressed the screen of the laptop.

”someone is in love! ” Greg spoke as he walked in. Actually, he had been staring at Ryan, watching him day dream.

e right Greg, Im in love. ” Ryan spoke.

”actually, I didn realize how deep I could fall until I met Catherine ”

”…and thats thanks to me you know ” Greg replied.

”yeah… ” Ryan said and stroking his chin, he spoke.

”Ive been thinking of something lately you know… ” he said

”what is it? ” Greg asked gulping down Ryans wine.

”marriage…to Catherine ” he blurted out.

Greg was taken aback.

”what?! ” he exclaimed

”But its been only but a year you met her, how can you speak of marriage? ” he said

”a year is more than enough time to court a lady ” Ryan replied with a smile.

”what are you insinuating? ” Greg asked with a knowing look in his eyes.

”well…I don know why youve been dating Kyla for almost two years now and still haven thought of marriage, Im beginning to suspect you. ” he said with a coy smile on his face. Greg hurled a pillow at him and they both burst out laughing.

”Im serious Greg ” Ryan continued.

”Im madly in love with her, I can think of a better way to remain by her side. ”

”…and you think this is the right thing to do? ” Greg asked worriedly.

”yes… ” Ryan replied, ”I really can think of anything else, shes the only thing that matters to me ”

”really? what about your riches? ” Greg asked with a smile on his face.

”well…yes… Catherine means more to me ” Ryan replied.

”I wish I could take your place in your fathers empire, you
e literally a prodigal son to your wealth. ” Greg joked and they both laughed.

”since you
e so keen on becoming a real man, then I think its time I propose to Kyla too ” Greg said.

Ryan sat up in excitement

”really? ” he said elated.

”then lets make it an unforgettable experience for the both of them! ”

”deal! ” Greg replied and they both headed out.

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