”Doctor, you have an appointment with Ko Kwal Char. ”

”Okay.Ill be in a minute. Ma Thi, you go first and help the patient. ”

”Sure,Sir. ”

Doctor Dun Nay Kha, well-known psychiatrist, pledged himself to be both an escape and reliable for those who suffered mental illnesses.

Kwal Char, a childhood friend and classmate of Dun, said that he didn dare to sleep at night due to nightmares caused by a boy. Dun has been counselling with him for two months and slowly came to notice something in his eyes that showed his profound feelings towards that boy, yet he denied those feelings.

It was not wrong to say Dun was quite experienced despite his young age as he encountered a lot of patients day by day. After consulting with his friend, he went back into my office, took off his duty coat, placed it on the chair, and planned to take a nap.


When his phone rang, he looked up the caller and found that it was Aunty Nilar. When it comes to Aunty Nilar, theres only one thing she would talk about.

”Hello ”

”Hello, Dun. How
e you doing? ”

”Im great. ”

”Glad to hear that. By the way, Noh Nohs school is over tomorrow. You once told me you were going to take him after his studies. If you don have time, I can still manage to keep him here. Its up to you. So, will you come? ”

Noh Noh was a shortened name for Nobel Lin. To be exact, hes the only relative who was not totally blood related to me. Still, what everyone knew was that hes my younger brother.

”I will come bring him, Aunty. I owe a debt of gratitude for taking care of Noh Noh during these years. ”

”No need, honey. Actually, I couldn be happier with Noh Noh around me. ”

”How about Noh Noh? ”

”Hes fine. Hes expecting your call every day. I have to tell him that you couldn call as you are busy. ”

e right, Aunty. Ive got a lot to do… ”

What he didn say out loud was that he didn want to call.

”I know, honey. If you come to the Netherlands, make sure to dress in layers. ”

”Noted, Aunty. Then Im going to get back to work now. ”

”Sure, honey. Thats all for now. Bye. ”

When the call ended, he let out a long sigh. Nobel Lin was a person whom he wanted to drive him out of his life. If anyone got to know about this, they would surely blame Dun for being a brother who hated his younger brother with mental illness while he was a psychiatrist at it.

After his parents passed away one after another, he had to finish his medical studies so Noh Noh was taken to enroll in a school by Aunty Nilar, his moms friend. Its already been eight years. And now, his tranquil and peaceful life without him had lasted for only eight years.

He felt suffocated when he heard Noh Noh was coming back. He wanted to be a reliable person for mental patients. Yet, he didn wish to become one for Noh Noh.

To be honest, Dun regretted that his parents chose to adopt Noh Noh in the past. Dun could stand on his own two feet and it was a nuisance that he had to look after Nobel Lin. Undeniably, Noh Noh was only an extra for him.

On both sides of the St.Perry road in Netherlands, the willow trees are orderly grown. Given that its winter, the dew dwelled upon them which only made the air colder. With only a backpack, a man wearing a long coat was now gazing at the two-storeyed house. He saw the childr

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