Parallel World .

American Film Institute .

Final year students are asked to make a project for graduation.

Everyone was thinking of their own project and consulting with others.

” Hey Ed what are you thinking ? ”

I raised my head and said ” Im thinking of making a full film. ”

After talking to me for a while, everyone got down to work

My name is Edward Williams and I am 21 years old and this is the year 2003 .

This is a parallel world where Japan does not exist .

If you are born in a parallel world, you will get the system I also have a system according to which I can make any anime into live action very well .

But there was a condition for him that he had to learn how to make a film and how to write a screenplay .

And today my last task is completed now I just have to decide which movie to make .

This world is slightly different from that world .

Japan is not present here because during World War 2, Japan did not take part in the war and America occupied it. Today, present-day Japan is a part of the United States as a separate state .

Japan did not take part in the war, but the war between America and Russia was fought in Japan, so the people here suffered for a long time.

Finally the war ended and gradually the situation here began to improve and today Japan is the best state in America. Japan was very weak at that time so those people took refuge in America and started developing themselves .

For this reason, anime and manga did not develop in Japan .

And then I was born Edward Williams who can make any anime well into live action .

I was thinking that while walking I came down to a school .

I said to one of the boys standing in front, ”Would you call James Williams and tell him hes getting a heel, its urgent. ”

”Who are you and why are you calling Jamie? ”

”Im his brother ”

”Oh Im sorry , Im calling ”

My brother James was the only one left in my family

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