”What is the name of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, are you going to make a horror movie? ”

”Judge by reading the title, just read the story and say what you think ”

James began reading without further prompting.

I want to eat your pancreas was a successful anime movie and the first movie I got through the system . Yes after doing some tasks the system gives me this gift and now I have a treasure trove of stories.

I want to Eat your Pancreas is a good romance genre movie that makes you wet your eyes at the end and teaches you something.

Not all love stories are happy, not at all in real life . Love is always sad but love is also the best thing that teaches precious lessons to teach us to move forward in our life.Everyone is alive, but love teaches us to live .

Jamess expression changed as he continued to read the story. It is a story that teaches us something new every time.

After 2 hours of reading James looked up at me with tears in his eyes. He asked me while wiping his tears, ”When will the shooting of the movie start? ”

Hearing this question of his, I felt great peace .

”Brother, if we don have enough time to go to a big studio and ask for money, I don know if they will give money or not, so for now we have to manage the money. ”

”Big brother, sell this house and we will also sell the house in Japan and take a loan if necessary. ”

Seeing my brother trusting my movie so much made me want to cry but I never cried in front of him so I controlled myself.

As usual I placed my finger on his forehead like Itachi and said , ”My stupid little brother ”

”First of all you have to find an actress for this, decide the budget and also find other actors ”

” Let us find the main character too ”

”Ed, act as an actor for this movie. ”James

”But Im the director ” Ed

” You can do both ” James

”But you are more handsome than me why don you do it ” Ed

” Ed, take my word for it, you deserve more and Im with you ” James

”Yes you are talking right this is our first film there should be no shortage ”

” Yes, it is decided, now lets prepare for the movie ”



My name is James Williams and I am 17 years old and live with my older brother .

As long as I can remember our family was a very happy family. My father and mother loved each other very much And my older brother was a crybaby . He used to cry over the smallest thing .

When I was 5 years old, our parents died suddenly .At that time only my brother was with me as my family in this world . We had none in this world at that time.

But that day my brother didn cry at all he just put his fingers on my forehead and said , ” everything will be alright one day you still have your brother you are not alone i will always be there for you ”

At that time, I could not understand anything, what my brother wanted to say, I was just clinging to him and crying .

From that day on, my brother changed as if he had suddenly matured. He started taking care of me and helping me in small things . He would cook for us and wash my clothes as if he had given his life for me .

My brother was so good in studies that he was invited to study on a scholarship from Howards .But at that time he could not leave me alone so he left his studies and went here to study at the film academy.

That day he studied and worked in the morning and evening. He strictly forbade me to work outside . He just said that you have to study, everything else will be taken care of, I will not have to worry for a day .

I couldn understand at that time why he would do this, give up his dreams and life for me, put his future on the line for me.

I couldn do anything for my brother except that I could study well and make sure that my brother never had to do anything for me again.

I stopped focusing on going out partying and getting girlfriends like other boys and started focusing on studies.

One day suddenly my brother came to school and asked me to go with him leaving everything .

For the first time in my life, my brother asked me how I could say no if he said he wanted any of my parts or asked me to do illegal things.

I was very happy that day.

My brother, when he gave the screenplay of his movie, I found the name strange . I thought that whatever the story may be I will encourage my brother and say the story is good .

But the story was very good, I liked it a lot . My brother seems to have created the original character for the story keeping that in mind .

When I told my brother that he is good for the main character . Because my brother is not aware that my brother is the most handsome . When he came to my school all the school girls saw my brother . Everyone started asking me who is super handsome.

I am his whole world to know how he has never paid attention to anyone but me

I can do anything for my brother only if he tells me

I love my brother very much .



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