We are preparing for the movie since last 2 months .

First we created a studio and gave it a name ” J&E Entertainment ”

We sold almost everything we owned except this little house . We sold everything we could and ended up with 1.2 million in our hands.

Now after taking the necessary equipment for making the movie, we have only 900K left in our hands .

Now there was a need for actors who would help make the film .

We left for ICM early in the morning, only to find someone there.

We were sitting inside when I noticed a girl and I recognized her at first sight ” Natalie Portman ”


This world is the same as the original world, the only difference is that I don know some actors and they were not even in the previous life, the rest is history.


” Miss Natalie …. Miss Natalie ”

She turned back to see a handsome boy calling her. She felt that this too was someone new who wanted to make acquaintances

”My name is Edward Williams and Im a director if you have 10 minutes …..


Natalie came back after completing her studies a few days ago .

She wanted to progress in her acting and become a good actress so she was at ICM today. She didn know if she would meet a new director.

This young boy suddenly came and said that she did not say no.

After all, she had some time and who wouldn want to meet this handsome boy for coffee .


” Who is this ? ”

”Oh I forgot to add this is my little brother James and this is Natalie Portman ”

” So what does this do here ? ”

” My brother is my assistant and producer too so we are here … You read this script ”

Natalie read the title of the script ”I want to Eat your pancreas ”. After reading the name, I didn feel like reading further, but I had to read a little, but how can it be said? No.

She started reading slowly, she didn look up, she just kept reading .

I don know how the time of 10 minutes passed into an hour, but if I was at the end, I would just have tears in my eyes .

I gave her a tissue to wipe her tears.

”Mr Edward , I need some time to think ”

”Yes, not at all but not more than 2 days, shooting is to start soon. ”

”Ok ! within 2 days ” Natalie giggled .


Natalie quickly went in and met her agent and said she wanted to do a movie .

” Yes, if there is a good role for you, we will take it ”

” Ive got a script we should approach it soon ”

” So soon! Who is the director? ”

Natalie handed Edward his business card .

”J&A Entertainment , I have heard this name for the first time . He was not really a thug .

”No no he had a script he is a new director lets talk I loved the story . ”

” I will make a promise for you, but you will have to believe me and let no one wait this long for it was not like this before. ”

”I was late because I was reading the script ”


”Hello whos speaking ”

”Im talking Natalie. Am I talking to Mr. Edward? ”

” Brother is at work tell me what is your answer I will tell him ”

”What can it do, you can do it ”

”He has gone to the place where my brother was working to say that he is quitting his job So tell me your answer ”

”We will meet tomorrow evening at ICM cafe at 4 oclock to talk about the contract ”

” Thank you Miss Natalie for accepting our offer!See you tomorrow .


The next evening we met, this time Natalie was accompanied by a middle-aged woman who might be an agent .

”This is Janice Smith, my agent, and this is James and Edward Williams, director and producer . ”

”Yes, Edward, lets get straight to the point. We need this much money for this movie ……. ”

[ 2 Hours later ]

” Now we will meet directly on the shooting ”

”Yes! See you to the shooting in a week ”


”Bhai actress got a bit expensive , 100K is no small price ”

”Yes, not less, but what should we do, this is our first film, then we will decide who wants how much money from us ”

”Yes, I hope so ”

”You met the people I told you about ” Ed

”Yes got it and put those people to work too ” James

” Good now just move forward no turning back no need to extend hands to others be it food or anything else ”

”Yes brother all your dreams have come true ”James

” Jamie, listen, you understand business, then you are our CEO from now on ”Edward

”But all this is ours, we should have the right ” James

”What is mine is yours and what will be mine is also your understanding or not ” Edward

” But a ….. ”

” What do you think? I don know that once we succeed, people will come from all over the place to attack us, but I know that I will not do anything at that time.But you are not like me. You know how to speak harshly in front of people. You know how to say no to people. You are stronger than me. In my opinion there is a good story teller for which you have to learn a little acting so that you get into the perfect role. ”

”What for me ?

” Yes, only you and me will know when the time comes ”


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