I have Ability of perfect adaptation

The premiere of the movie

” and….cut…. ”

I got up from where I was sitting and told everyone ” This completed our last shot and also completed the shooting of the film , I don have budget money anymore but today liquor from me….. ”


Everyone screamed together .

” It was fun working with you Ed ” Natalie

” I also enjoyed shooting with you, if we get a chance in the future, we will work together ”

”yes why not , To be honest I didn trust you before that you can direct this movie but now I think nothing is impossible for you. Be it acting or directing you are very good at both .You will go far in future ”

”Thanks I am very happy to say this. Now we will meet when the movie is released ”

” Remember me if there is any suitable job for me in future ” Natalie.


It took 3 months to complete the shooting of the movie.

Making a movie is not as easy as it seems . From above, if you become an actor and director, there is no limit to the difficulty.

December was the last month of 2003 and my shooting was over. Now in a few days I have to complete the post production work and release the movie on February 14 .

Why only 14 February? Valentines Day

To all I 14 feb. I will give that one gift and lovers will definitely like this movie .


January 13 All post production work was done .

With the help of the system I found people who were good at editing and some music that too for cheap .

But the original work has now been done well, the movie has been released in theatres.

I can do this work, for this I need to find a movie screen that will work.

I don need to go to a big studio for this, just a studio that has enough resources.

But before that I have to show this movie in AFI and from there someone will help me .

14 January .

I met the professors of the college and asked permission to show my film there .

He gave me 10 screens which means I can play this film only 10 times here on campus .

Originally they allowed only 3 shows but after watching my film they increased my limit .

Now people just come here and watch the movie and wait for it.

We immediately made all the preparations .

I called the students studying with me and asked them to come and watch my movie and bring their friends too.

I was talking when my brother came to take the poster of the movie .

We put up posters near the theater and also put up posters around where people can see them .

Distributed pamphlets to people .


The next day all the professors came because of my request and those who missed the first show were there for the second show.

The theater was full of audience .

The lights went off and the movie started.

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