Flashback IV

But, her love as a mother pushed her to break through between right and wrong.

”And you are forbidden to have a baby first! ” she whispered.

”You don want grandchild, Mom? ” whispered Jayden back.


”Don be mad, Mom, remember youll get more wrinkles later. ” sneered Jayden.

”Oh, My God. Help me. ” Dyna stroked her chest and took a deep breath before sitting back on her throne.

Jayden took a deep breath and then spoke out loud, ”I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in this election, My Lord and Lady. ”

”By the law regarding the selection of the Crown Princess. I, Jayden Lennart, the second of his name, the Great Suns Son, choose Renny Asteria as the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Wei. ” Jayden smiled as he concluded his decision.

”Long Live the Crown Pince Jayden and the future Crown Princess. May God bless your family dan your reign. ” Jaydens decision was greeted with applause and cheers from across the Royal family and administration staff. They didn know whose fault it was that Renny Asterias name was included in the list of the best candidates. But, one thing was certain, they were happy because they were free from the terrible punishment from the Queen.


Crown Princess Resident, Gold Jade Palace.

Jayden threw off his coat and threw himself onto the velvet couch. His plan to marry the girl he loves succeeded. He smiled triumphantly. In front of him, there were so many photos of Renny Asteria pasted on the wall of his secret room. From childhood until now, Jayden watched from distance the progress when the girl bloomed into a woman. Jay was indeed obsessed with Renny. He was crazy about her. Jayden felt that he must have his lover even though he had to sacrifice everything for it.

Knock… Knock… [Door knock sound.]

”Your Highness. ” Kais voice came from outside.

”Whats wrong, Kai? Come in! ”

”What should I do with that man? ” Kai awaited instructions from his Prince regarding the fate of the hacker who helped Jayden sabotage the Crown Princess election.

”Just let him live, give him a new name and identity. ” Jay turned to Kai, His way to said thanks.

”As You wish, My Prince. ”

”Wait, Kai!! But make sure you cut off all his fingers so he can commit any more crimes. ” Jayden added more.

”Yes, Your Majesty, Ill take my leave first. ” Kai left.

”Thanks, Kai. ”

Jayden got up and stretched his arms. Standing near Rennys photos, looking at them with eyes full of longing.

”Wait for me, My Girl. ” Jayden smiled meaningfully.


Woah!! So… it was Jayden who entered Rennys name on the election.

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