It\'s Not A Dream!

“How could I dare, My lady? Soon you will be our Princess. ” Alisha with her flat face answered Renny.

”And, how should I call you, Miss? ” Renny asked back.

”Call me, Sasha, My lady. ”

”Hm… What should I do, Sasha? ” Renny got up lazily, she looked at the ladies who were still lined up neatly in front of her room.

”You only have to prepare your body and soul and wait for the wedding night as calmly and comfortably as possible, My Lady. ” Sasha took the uniform from Rennys hand and gave it to a maid. A maid nodded to Renny before taking her steps back

”Can I go to school anymore? ” Renny frowned, really all these new things made her very confused and clumsy.

”You will attend school under the guidance of the Crown Prince himself and royal tutor, ” answered Sasha.

”Wow, I don need to school and do homework!! ” The best thing this far.

”After you enter the palace, you will get a secretary who will manage all your daily schedules. ” continued Sasha then took a tray from a maid. The push tray was full of food and tea for Rennys breakfast.

”Im not hungry. ” Renny refused limply.

”According to the protocol, you still have to eat no matter what, My lady. Because soon after married, your body must be strong enough to carry the seeds of the future King. ”

”You mean pregnant? Im not even 17 yet. ” Rennys eyes widened in surprise.

”Kayla, help our lady eat and prepare herself. ”

”Yes, Lady Shasa. ”

”Im leaving first, My Lady. Call me if you need my assistance. ” Shasa bowed before leaving Rennys room.

”Come, My lady. ” Kayla gestured for Renny to sit back down.

”My name is Kayla Alona, ​​child of Viscount Alona. I am the head of the maids who will serve you, My lady. ”

Renny looked at Kayla, her face was very modest. Her blonde hair was pulled up and covered with a black hair net. At the age of 30, she looks very young and well-groomed. Even her walking style was more graceful than Rennys.

Kayla helped Renny to brush her hair first before eating her breakfast. Renny looked at the woman, a viscounts daughter meant Kayla was a noble. And now, a noble was brushing her hair. Wow, Renny started to feel like Cinderella.

”Like a fairy tale, I turned into a Crown Princess in just one night. Why did the Crown Prince choose me? ” Renny still couldn believe it, she asked Kayla out loud.

”His Majesty the Crown Princes choice is never wrong, My Lady, ” replied Kayla with a wide smile.

”Thats not an answer, uummm… What should I call you, Maam? ” Renny asked with her clumsy face, the woman beside her was older.

”Kayla, you can call me Kayla, My lady. ” Kayla finished tie Rennys long hair so as not to disturb her when she ate.

”Thats not an answer, Kayla!! Sigh… Why did he choose me? ” Renny snorted, then shoved a spoonful of porridge into her tiny mouth.


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