{around the same time as Dead End Collapsing}

”No no no!! How the ** did that happen?! ” Yelled 46 year old Dr. Penny Wilson. She slammed her hands down on the desk and screamed at the rookie. ”For 10 years I have worked on a damn cure for this plague and you let a faulty test subject go!! Do you know what this means?! ” She yelled and the 39 yr rookie kept his gaze to the ground and silently shook his head. ”That test subject has a genetic mutation that is more dangerous then the first dead plague. How could you just let it loose?! ” She screamed and he gave her an awkward smile. ”You see- what had happened was uh- Greg told me to do it- ” finally looked at her. ”You
e Greg. Idiot. ” She snapped at him and he widened his eyes. ”Um- uh- can I rethink my story- ” he asked and she just pointed to the door. ”Out! ” She screamed and he rushed out. Faint screams were heard from outside and Penny pulled a gun out from under her desk. Gunshots were heard as she slowly approached the iron door that blocked off her office.

She looked out the bullet proof glass window on the door and saw the test subject crouched over a dead guard. The test subject was a zombie. What the injections did was make whatever skin was missing grow back and ripped up tendons and muscles heal back together. They haven perfected the formula just yet so the cannibalistic tendencies were still there. Not all the errors were worked out just yet and she shoved the heavy iron door open and shot it. The test subject collapsed over the body it had been eating with a large hole in its head. She looked around and saw people running from those already bit and reanimated. ”God damn it ” Penny mumbled and cocked her rifle. She didn notice that the one she had just shot was beginning to twitch again.

Her and a few guards of the facility ran and began killing the ones that had already been bitten and reanimated. They started ushering people to the big concrete building on the old military base. Once they confirmed they got everybody in there Penny and the guards were about to go in as well when one of the guards grabbed her arm. He was wide eyed and slowly pointed where they just ran from. She frowned and looked but her frown quickly turned to a look of fear. All the zombies that they had just shot had came back but not the same. Some had grown extra appendages like and extra set of arms somehow while others were able to run faster then the average human. All the bullet wounds had healed but they were all to their heads they should be dead right? Well Doctor Penny was just as confused as you are at the moment.

The guard finally snapped out of his daze and grabbed Doctor Penny and yanked her inside. He quickly slammed the door shut and got a few people to help him cover up the windows. Doctor Penny Wilson just stood there by the door trying to think of how that could have been possible. The extra a

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