Mutated Madness

Happy Little Tree

The sun hadn even started to rise when Mama heard a loud thud against one of the walls and a few of the ceiling tiles fell. Mama quickly got up and grabbed her pistol when whatever was ramming into the wall hit it again. She kicked Pippins foot to wake her up. Pippin heard the next loud thud and the wall began to crack. She quickly shook Penny awake then grabbed her spear and got up. ”What is that?- ” She whispered to Mama who looked just as clueless as she was. Penny sat up and quickly scooted away front the cracking wall when another thud could be heard. Penny quickly got up and picked up a chair to use as a weapon. Finally the last thud turned into a loud crash and powdered drywall exploded into the office, blinding everybody. They heard some huff heavily and the three girls were choking on the white powder that had exploded from the wall. They heard the clop sound of hooves on the tile and a shadow of a large deer could be seen. It wasn the average deer, it had large sharp antlers with a 5 foot inside spread and almost looked like moose antlers but with six points.

The monster of a deer was about 8-9 feet tall and beady little eyes. Its antlers dragged through the ceiling, knocking down tiles and causing more dust to explode into the air. Mama finally managed to look at it and saw the beast. It was rippled with muscle and had black saliva dripping from its mouth. There was a black bite mark on its hind leg. ”Oh what the ** are you… ” Mama mumbled and Pippin gave her a scared look. Pippin noticed lines on its chin that lead back along its jaw and there was also one that lead from the tip of its nose back to its head. It also looked like there were slits on the side of its mouth. The monster huffed and stomped its hoof on the tile. Mama then motioned for both the girls to slowly back away, seeing that how small its eyes are it should make it hard to see them. Hopefully. They slowly began to step back when it shook its head, causing more tiles to crash to the floor and another wave of blinding dust explode into the air.

Penny accidentally inhaled it and was sent into a coughing fit. Then the beast let out a roar that almost sounded like a bull and reared back then slammed its front hooves on the ground once more, shattering the tile under itself then charging forward at the three girls. ”Move!! ” Pippin yelled over the sound of the monster deer galloping towards them and Mama grabbed Pennys arm and dove out of the way with her to the right while Pippin tuck and rolled to the left. The beast crashed through the wall with ease, sending powdered dry wall into the air once more and slowed down once it was outside. It slowly turned and saw Pippin run passed the large hole it left in the wall to Mama and Penny. It grunted and charged at the wall again.

”Are you alright Mama- ” Pippin asked while trying to see Mamas arm. She was holding her hand over her tricep and Pippin could see blood pooling between her fingers. ”Its just a cut, we got to go ” Mama got up and helped Penny up right when the beast charged through the wall. Right where the three women were. All three of them were flung forward, getting hit with the beasts antlers. They all screamed and Penny hit the far wall while Mama and Pippin got launched through the hole that the monster first broke through. Pippin landed on her right arm and heard a soft crack and felt pain flood through her arm. Mama Williams had been thrown into a tree. She hit the thick trunk of the tree then limply fell to the ground, hidden in tall grass. Penny just curled up and prayed that the monster wouldn see her while it was walking out of the building. She quietly listened to the clopping of its hooves on the tile and felt a large, wet nose against her arm. It felt like the beast was checking to see if she was alive or not. When she the deer moved its head away and she heard it take a few steps back she thought it had walked away and she lifted her head.

She looked up and saw the monster still standing over her. It stomped its front hoof and now she figured out what the lines on the upper and lower jaw were. It split its mouth into four quarters to make its mouth bigger and it revealed shaper teeth (like the demogorgon from Stranger Things). Penny froze at the sight as black saliva dripped to the floor in front of her and the beast ducked down to try to bite her. Pippin had ran over and she grabbed Pennys foot and dragged her back, making the deer bite a piece of concrete instead. Pippin quickly grabbed Pennys arm and yanked her up and on her feet. The beast lurched back and choked on the concrete for a moment before realizing it wasn Penny. This gave Penny and Pippin a few seconds to run. They sprinted as fast as they could to the tall grass where Mama Williams had fallen.

When the deer stepped out into the sunlight, rejoining its upper and lower jaw. It scanned the area but couldn see anything. The monster then huffed and slowly began to walk away before catching sight of some birds and took off galloping after them. Pippin slowly raised her head out of the tall grass and scanned the area. When she saw the mutant deer had ran off she heard a quiet groan that she hadn heard in awhile. The groans got louder and louder then she looked into the tall grass and saw grey shapes moving. ”Penny get out of the grass- ” Pippin quickly told her and picked up Mama Williams. She quickly moved her out of the grass right when a crawling zombie had tried to grasp her ankle. Penny quickly shuffled out of the grass. ”Oh- ew- ” she mumbled and noticed Pippin looked to be in pain. ”Are you ok?- ” Penny asked and Pippin nodded.

”Lets get out of here…can you take her please- ” Pippin asked and Penny nodded and held Mama Williams. Pippin ignored the crawlers as she began to search for sticks and once she found two she had Penny help her splint her arm. She then bandaged Mamas bleeding arm and head. ”That was awful.. ” Pippin sighed and jogged back to the office building and quickly grabbed their stuff. The moment she walked a few feet away from it after grabbing their stuff the building came crashing down. It was unstable already from the weathering over the years and the monster of a deer breaking through the walls mustve been the final straw for the building. ”We gotta find a new place to stay so Williams can rest ” Penny told her and Pippin nodded and they both began walking, praying that they won run into the monstrosity again.

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