Mutated Madness

First Encounter

She waited. For hours she waited behind that door. The screams had died down to silence. Dr. Penny Wilson hadn had the courage to peek her head around in fear that one of the creatures might be watching. She had caught a few glances through the hole in the door and they had changed more. Instead of grey skin they were to a pale white almost pink color and their milky white eyes had turned to black. Some had extra appendages while others had two faces. Some had long claws while others had changed their legs changed into what looks like the leg shape of the hind legs of a deer but still had human feet. She recognized that one as being the faster then the rest. Penny looked around some more and saw the one that she guessed punched through the wall. She recognized him as the rookie she was screaming at only hours earlier. He had grown, a lot. About 8 feet tall is what she estimated and had large harms with big fists. She guessed that the genetic mutation affected each person differently once infected by it plus the zombie plague.

There were about 200 of these creatures in the room and they all just stood there. Not a single groan or growl came from them. They all just stood there silently until attracted by the sound of their next prey. Wait the sound of their next prey. They have poor eyesight and no sense of smell! If Penny can just skip around the door without being heard then she can get outside shes free. Earlier she had heard distant screams and she guessed the guards at the gates had been taken out as well so a few creatures mustve gotten out. Penny then took a deep breath and peered around the door. All but one we
e facing away from her but luckily it was one of the faster creatures with a few layers of skin covering its eyes so it cannot see what so ever.

She very carefully slid out from behind the door, trying to avoid moving it in case the hinges were squeaky. At the moment she couldn remember if they were or weren but she was not willing to test that. Penny took very slowly steps and held her breath when she was finally out from behind the door and she froze when one began randomly looking around. When it stopped looking around she slowly took a step towards the open door. She froze and looked around saw that none of the creatures had stirred so she took another careful step. She kept doing that until she got passed the door and outside. She still walked carefully even though she was outside because she didn know how far these creatures could hear so she didn want to risk it. Penny made her way to her office and it felt like that took an eternity. Some of the monsters were scattered around the base but none paid any attention to her.

She finally got to the heavy iron door that blocked off her office. She looked around and saw that the closest mutant was 10 yards away. ”Only 30 feet…it doesn look like one of the fast ones I saw so maybe it can cover that much ground in a short span of time… ” she thought to herself then gripped the handle with both hands. It always reminded her of opening a safe whenever she was opening her office door. She took a deep breath and spun the handle. It made a loud crackling sound as it turned which got the attention of many creatures. She quickly yanked the heavy door open, slipped in and slammed it shut. The moment she slammed it shut she began to see the door start to open but she yanked it shut and fought to lock it. Large dents started to form on the door and she knew she didn have much time. She grabbed a back pack that she kept for an emergency escaped so it was full of supplies already. She then gathered some of her equipment and the formula that still needs to be slightly altered for it to work but this was the closest she has gotten yet. She grabbed her gun then sprinted out a back door. None of the creatures heard her leave since they were pounding so loudly at the front door.

Penny slipped out of a hole in the gate and she began running. She ran as fast as she could through the forests of Georgia. Dr Penny knew of another base in California but she didn quite know how to get there but for now she didn care. Instead she just sprinted until she was far from the hell she had accidentally created.

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