Mutated Madness

Panic Induced

”Who are you? ” Mama Williams asked the girl. She showed no signs of hostility so Mama wasn too worried about it. ”Penny Wilson ” she awkwardly smiled and held out her hand. Mama just looked at her hand then looked back up at her, raising an eyebrow. Penny slowly put her hand back down. ”You are? ” She asked and Mama seemed to be examining her for weapons. When she saw all she had was a gun in her hand and the fact that this girl named Penny seemed to mean no harm she finally introduced herself. ”Elizabeth Williams, or Mama Williams. Whatever you choose to call me ” she smiled softly and Penny nodded. ”Nice to meet you, do you mind if I stay with you? I don mean to be rude and intrude but I have no where else to go ” Penny asked and Mama nodded. ”I don see why not, just to let you know one of my sons aren fond of new people so be aware of that ” Mama warned and Penny shrugged. ”That is just fine by me ” she smiled. Mama lead her by the unlit campfire and let her rest.

Penny looked around curiously at the few people that were out. There was a tall boy with black hair, dark blue eyes, and light skin. She recognized him as the boy who initially told Mama that she was here. She then saw a man who looked to be in his late 30s in a pink coat, white shirt and black jeans. He had dark brown skin and dark red lipstick and smokey eye shadow. He actually pulled it off in her opinion. She looked at the lady who she had just talked to. She was very pretty in her opinion, bright copper hair, blue eyes, looked to be in her late 40s but so was Penny herself. She did notice that Elizabeth had a lazy eye and dark circles under her eyes but that didn bother her at all, she still looked beautiful just the way she was.

”Who are the other two? ” Penny asked when Mama sat back down. ”Oh the giant is my biological son, we call him Bones ” she smiled and Penny nodded. ”Hes a big boy- ” Penny mumbled. She guessed he was about seven feet tall. ”Yeah, hes my baby though ” Mama Williams chuckled softly. ”The other guy we just call him Shiny ” Mama motioned over to the man who was now playing cards with Bones. ”Oooh ” she nodded. ”Hes one of my sons as well ” Mama smiled and Penny tried to hide a confused look. ”Biological? ” She asked and Mama shook her head no. ”I adopted everyone on this camp except Bones. ” She explained and Penny nodded. ”How many others are there? ” She asked and Mama thought for a minute. ”Not including you and me there are six others, the other three are in their tents ” she told her and Penny nodded.

Lasso came out of his tent and noticed the new girl. He frowned a little and walked over to Shiny and Bones. ”Whos the newbie. ” He mumbled and Shiny shrugged. ”Dunno, I think Mama is figuring that out right now, go fish by the way Bones ” Shiny explained and Bones quietly grumbled and drew a card. ”I don like her. ” Lasso mumbled and Shiny just shook his head. ”You never like anybody new, Bones you don get two turns quick trying to cheat ” Shiny chuckled and placed down a matching set that he had in his hand. ”Go say hi ” Shiny nudged Lasso who was crouching next to him but Lasso shook his head. He just stayed right where he was watching this new lady talk to his mama.

”Uh- Im taking a wild guess here. The cowboy is the one who doesn like new people- ” Penny caught a glance of Lasso glaring at her and Mama nodded. ”Thats Lasso for ya, he doesn like people in general so he might be pretty snappy. I apologize in advance ” she sighed a looked over at Lasso who quickly moved to the far side of Shiny so he wouldn get in trouble for glaring. ”Whats his name? ” Penny asked and looked over at him again. He was now watching Bones and Shiny playing go fish with a normal pack of cards. ”Is he friendly? ” She asked and looked back at Mama who shook her head no. ”Oh god no, hes really only nice to me, Pippin who is laying in one of the tents, Bones, and on rare occasions Shiny ” she sighed. Penny decided to not tell her just yet where she had come from or what she had done. When Mama Williams asked she just lied and said she was from North Carolina.

Mama then told her about Pippin and X. She also told her about the monster those two saw and asked Penny if she knew anything about it. Penny told her no but had a scared look. Mama just guessed she was scared of the thought that the zoms were possibly mutating. When Penny told her no she didn bother questioning further. They then talked for awhile longer just about where there from, if Penny was hungry or thirsty, etc.

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