In the morning Shiny woke up first. He slowly sat up and saw roaches all over him. ”Ah!- **!- **!- ” he screamed and quickly got up and shook them off. X woke up to his screaming and brushed a few roaches off himself. ”Relax Shiny… ” he mumbled and slowly got up. Shiny quickly took off his jacket and dropped it. Cockroaches scurried out of his pockets and Shiny gagged at the sight and quickly ran to X. ”We gotta leave- lets go- please come on- ” Shiny begged while clinging to his arm and X chuckled. ”Ok ok, lets go see if we can find something to eat ” he told him and Shiny swiftly walked out. X chuckled and followed him, taking his time and kicking away roaches. ”Is it just me or is there a lot more roaches then there should be? ” X asked but didn think Shiny was paying much attention. He was too busy trying to leave as quick as physically possible.

When they got outside Shiny realized that he forgot his jacket in the room they slept in. ”X I need a favor- ” Shiny started and X sighed. ”Can you please go back and grab my jacket- ” he awkwardly smiled and X sighed. ”What you don want to say hi to your buddies? ” X teased and flicked a roach off his shoulder at him and Shiny quickly stumbled back and fell trying to dodge it. ”Fuck you Xavier!! ” He screamed as he fell and X laughed and headed back into the building. X slowly made his way up the stairs, kicking roaches out of his way so he wouldn step on them. ”This is a very concerning amount I will say.. ” he mumbled and looked around. The stairs and walls were all covered with these bugs. He didn bother try to grab the railing cause they scurried all over that too. ”Ew- ” he shook his hand to get one off him and hurried up the stairs. He finally got to the 10th floor and there seemed to be more then there was before. ”Eh- gross- ” he mumbled and went to the room they had slept in.

He saw Shinys pink jacket on the floor and grabbed it. He shook it out and tossed it over his shoulder and when he went to leave the roaches were covering the door. Every inch of that door was covered and there was roaches all over the handle, almost like they were trying to prevent him from leaving. ”Ok- thats a little weird- ” X mumbled to himself and walked over to the door. He grabbed an old broom and tried to brush them off the handle at least but they would just crawl back on it. He finally just flicked them away and quickly grabbed the handle but when he tried to open the door it did not budge. It wasn locked it just would not open. He quickly pulled away and shook his hand to get them off. ”Well damn- ” he sighed and backed away from the door. He went to the sliding glass door pulled it open then stepped onto the small balcony where he can see Shiny sitting in the middle of the road waiting for him.

”Aye Shine! ” X called and Shiny got up and looked at him. ”The door won open!- ” he yelled but couldn read Shinys expression. ”What do you mean it won open?! ” Shiny called back and X sighed. ”Exactly what it sounds like genius! ” He remarked and Shiny frowned. ”You better figure it out!- Im not going up there!- ” Shiny yelled to him and X rolled his eyes and went back to the sliding glass door that was now closed. ”Huh- ” he mumbled, not remembering ever closing it. The dirty glass was covered in roaches crawling all over it and X tried to pull it open but the door would not budge. He then went back to the edge. ”Aye Im not liking this! ” He called to Shiny who just stood there confused. ”Not liking what?! ” He yelled and X glanced back at the sliding glass door. ”Its closed and I can open it!- ” he yelled and Shiny didn know what to do from there. Thats when X began to hear glass cracking behind him. He turned and saw the sliding glass door cracking, he didn believe that the roaches could do that at first but then he realized that he had to move.

X threw Shinys jacket over the edge and let it fall down to him. He then hopped over the edge but swung himself to the balcony under him and landed there. The moment he landed in the balcony below where he had jumped from he heard glass shatter and the scurrying of tiny feet rushed onto the balcony and then over the edge in a horde. X then noticed that these roaches had wings and listened to the sound of loud buzzing as they took flight and Shiny scream. X ducked down and a dark shadow casted over him as all the cockroaches spilled out of that apartment room and down to the street. It felt like forever before the buzzing of wings had died down. X slowly peered over the edge and there was not a single roach to be found. All he saw was Shinys jacket on the street but Shiny was no where to be found. X then hopped over the ledge and landed on the balcony below him. He repeated that action until he was on the first floor. Then he hopped the wall and walked to the street.

X picked up Shinys jacket and began looking for him. After awhile of walking around X heard soft sobbing from an alleyway. He stopped and looked down the dark alleyway but couldn see. He gagged at the smell of something rotting but still went to investigate the sound of the sobs. When he got closer he realized it sounded like Shiny. ”Shiny? ” he called and a dark shadow rose and sprinted to him. He then felt someones arms wrap around him tightly and their head against his chest. ”Woah- hey- ” he started but the squinted at the person and realized it was Shiny. ”You alright?- ” X awkwardly asked while patting his head and Shiny shoved him away. ”Am I alright?! I just got **ing swarmed by those disgusting roaches!! No Im not al- **ing right!! ” He screamed at X and all X did was grab his shoulder and gently lead him out into the light.

Tears were streaming down the poor mans face and his eyes were a little puffy and he looked very angry. ”Ok- take a breather- ” X started and Shiny pushed away from him. ”Don tell me what to **ing do!! ” He yelled and was hugging himself tightly, occasionally brushing something off himself quickly even though there was nothing on him. He then crouched down and held his head between his knees and continued to sob. X sighed and sat in front of him and waited for him to calm himself down. After awhile Shinys sobs eventually turned to quiet sniffles and thats when X spoke up. ”Done? ” He asked and Shiny nodded and sat down crisscross. X then held out Shinys jacket to him and he took it. ”Are you ok? ” He asked and Shiny took a minute to answer. He looked exhausted now. ”Physically yeah….mentally scarred… ” he mumbled rubbed his eyes. ”Alright, how about we take a little bit of a break, find some food, you possibly take a nap. Does that sound good? ” X suggested and Shiny nodded and slowly got to his feet.

X got up has well and handed Shiny a half full canteen of water. ”You might wanna wash your face too, your make up is messed up ” X told him and Shiny nodded and drank some water then poured it over his face. They then wandered around the city on the search to find food.

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