Annabelle oh my gosh, are you feeling okay, are you hurting somewhere, who did this to you, let me draw you a warm bath ”, she asked looking at my face worriedly. I managed to get her a weak smile and nodded slowly she gave me a light bow and left. I went to sit on my bed without saying a word.

”milady your bath is ready ” I stood up from where I was seated and headed to the bathroom with Alicia trailing behind my back when I got to the bathroom entrance I stopped and turned to Alicia.

”You don have to wash me up, just keep the towel by the tub, arrange my room, get me a glass of milk, and please bring me a dress to wear ”

”Yes milady but which dress would you like to wear and will you like your milk hot, warm or cold, ” she asked bending her head slightly

”I would love something short, pink flowers, long sleeves, and a glass of cold milk ”

”Yes milady, ” she said as she took her to leave

I went to the tub and socked myself it felt refreshing I don know how long I stayed in that position until I heard a tap on the door.

”Lady Annabelle sorry to disturb but you have been having been there for too long are you sure you are ok and you don need help, ” she asked from outside the bathroom but I just smiled without replying.

”Lady Annabelle are you in there Im coming in already ”

”No need Alicia Im fine ok and Ill be out in a minute, ” I said stepping out of the bathtub.

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