The Princess of Hearts

Several Years Later

her head with a pillow.

”That stupid friend of mine! Ugh! ” Neylia yelled as her face turned crimson and she momentarily experienced just heat.

As she entered the Princesss chamber, a maidservant greeted her with, ”Your majesty, is something bothering you? ”

”Oh, Bretha, Im actually fine. Is that another letter? ” Neylia spoke as she straightened her posture.

The maid answered the Princess query with a smile as she sat on her bed.

”Yes, Your Majesty, ” the maid said in a polite manner.

On the other hand, as soon as Neylia thinned her eyes, she claimed the letter and dismiss the maid afterward.

She recognized the sender of the letter after taking a closer look at it.

”Clistaine! ” Neylia shouted in her room with a pillow covering her head to lessen the noise she was currently creating

”Why are you feeling so joyful today, Clistaine? ” Kailer queried

When Clistaine asked Neylia for a favor, he couldn help but lift both corners of his mouth and shake his shoulders in response since otherwise, he would have made her appear desperate.

”Kailer, its not a huge issue. So you should resume your sword training, ” Clistaine remarked as he opened a book.

The smile on his face, though, persisted.

”What do you think, Clistaine? How am I supposed to concentrate when I see one of my closest friends acting strangely and smiling while holding a book? ” Kailer yelled, startling Clistaine.

The young nobleman put down his book and turned to face Kailer. He may have thinned his eyes, but his lips upward curves remained.

”Okay, Ill tell you, but please calm down. Come on in, ” said Clistaine

The two were at Kailers training grounds at the imperial home, so Kailer followed.

”Do you still remember the Berzinni bar? ” Clistaine questioned

”Yeah? ” Kailer replied with a dubious accent.

”Don you believe its appropriate to criticize someone there? ”

”Are you serious?! ”

Kailer could only open his mouth and eyes wide after their conversation.

”What?! ”

The following night

”Oh oh, are you going to show me around here—- ” Neylia remarked

But she was unable to dispute any further given that she had already occupied the front position and that two of her closest friends had prepared her disguise and outerwear.

”Are you certain, Clistaine, that this is a wise course of action? ” Neylia enquired

Kailer stared sternly at Clistaine who was only looking toward the entrance of the establishment and shook his head and sighed.

”Don you agree that this is simply too much Clistaine? Do you remember what I said about making a deal with a young woman? She didn know you were in disguise and then dumped her for me, alright? ”

”That is completely illogical! ” As Neylia was about to strike Clistaine in the chest, she yelled.

”Please, calm down. What Im trying to communicate to you is that whenever we walk down this street, this young woman always follows us. I asked her once, but she threatened to harm you if I didn obey her. Therefore, I am forced to take this action, ” in contrast, Kailer once more shook his head as Clistaine continued.

”Then why, out of all the diners in the marketplace, is this one? Is it so popular? ” Even though Kailer was aware that the case had been solved by the authorities a few years prior, he still expressed skepticism.

”Believe me, Kailer. I didn come up with the idea. That young woman merely wants to confirm that I am already taken, nothing more. She will depart after that. Furthermore, were you still working on that case years ago? ”

”Ignore it. Please let us go past this and end this immediately, ” Kailer remarked, shrugging his shoulders as he observed Neylias furrowed forehead.

”Are you prepared now, my fiancée? ”

”Clistaine, are you deaf? Im positive I told you about that. Please stop calling me that. ” Neylia remarked before marching over to the area.

Neylia grabbed Kailers arms and urged them to leave Clistaine behind.

Clistaines eyes grew dimmer once more, but he shook his head and walked straight in that direction.

”Then who is this woman? Fine! Enjoy your time with her tonight! ” Neylias face was splashed with water by the young woman, who then left the area.

Then Neylia closed her eyes and opened them to thin toward Clistaine, leaving two wide-eyed young noblemen in front of her.

Neylia replied, ”Clistaine, you owe me big time. I never know why this happen; maybe it was your views on women and their egos. ”

”Neylia, you now understand how it felt. Therefore, don try to make plans before me with Lady Melfania since I have my own plans, okay? ”

”Fine! Lets just leave this place now and go as soon as possible. However, Clistaine, you owe me a favor. ”

”What does it mean to fall in love, Kailer? ” When Kailer held Neylia because she was sleepy as the three of them left the Berzinni tavern and moved toward their households, Clistaine questioned.

”Clistaine, if you
e in love then I think youll be able to do anything for that lady, even give your life for her. ”

”So, were the words you said to me intended to make you fall in love with someone already? ”

”Who knows, I guess? I might not have been in love, but I can imagine it or I was just picking up knowledge from various books. Then, Clistaine, why not try something out for yourself to know more about it? ”

”That might be a big help, I suppose. In addition, please express my gratitude for Neylias assistance once more. ”

”Certainly. Be careful, ” said Kailer

Although several guys were gathering in the market for a very secretive event to occur.

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