Another day, another cigarette, another thought,another smoke. Life couldn get better than this.

*Slamming the door that day couldn have been worse than what happened to Ryu and it was all my fault,I shouldn have called him weak,I shouldn have told him to go there among all of the dangerous guys in the college. Im really the worst person in the world,not even hell would take me.

The innocent look on his face,the manipulative puppy eyes the soft lips and the sweet omega attitude all showed into my eyes as a great thing,the curvy body and the childish comportment made him a perfect person for me and everyone else. Betraying him was quite simple,his disappointed look broke my heart into tiny pieces,if only I didn make a deal with the biggest asshole in the school. The fact that I dragged him into this disgusts me until the point I want to chop myself and feed my flesh to wolves. As an omega myself I should think about the other ones and never listen to prejudices,but how can I do that with this attitude and a family that wouldn even give a piece of paper on me? My education was never to help others and it would be funny to be raised like a gentle person in a house full of psychopaths.

”You up? ”

The voice of the international student Mary approached my ears and it felt like they were blessed with a good voice and a soon to be advice.

Mary! *Crying as a fountain holding onto her red hoodie trying to not look bad,even though the struggle was real her caring attitude towards me was very helpful at that time. She hugged me as an answer to my messy attitude.

Struggling to even say a word,I couldn even tell her what happened,when it happened,how I want it to stop, nothing,I did absolutely nothing about it, seeing him being taken away from me was the most heartbreaking thing I could ever see. His voice telling me to help him,his scared face because of the numerous alphas next to him that took him away. His shouting while he was completely in tears. That deal was the worst I ever made,why did I even do it? I wonder how is he now? He didn contact me… didn even bother to even try…why would he even try?…What Im saying? Did I go crazy?

Mary decided to break the silence with a calming voice: ”I think you should rest a little, you need it. Do you mind if I ask you what happened? Did you forgot to take your pills? Did any Alpha approach you again? If you want tell me,if you don you can still try to tell me I won judge you,only if it was your fault and if it was yours its better to confess already or youll get grounded by your mom and you know that being grounded in this house doesn mean what it means to others. ”

My face turned into a shocked one,my body was trembling,my eyes were full of tears and I felt like I could die any moment. Trying to tell her,my stuttering started to show while trying to pronounce things when I finally dealt with it I told her: Well Mary I don know if you can understand,ever since we were children you always were by my side we would tell each other all the secrets we have and we would laugh about it but now the secret Im about to tell you can tear us apart in a million pieces…

”Why would you say that? No announcement can tear us apart,not even your psychopathic family! We
e friends. ”

I know but I did something very wrong,I made a deal…

”Since when you make deals? ”

Since summer break…

”And what did you deal on? ”

On one of my omega friends,I dealt on him because I was too scared to deal on myself and I didn win so the numerous alphas took him away and Im disgusted with myself because now I can do anything about it,I feel like the world is spinning.

”Are you out of your mind? How could you deal on a person, I understand dealing on a machine,books,phones,but not a person! Did he even know that you made the deal on him? ”

No,he didn ,they took him by surprise he didn even have the time to run away…

”Now, where is he? Is he ok? Did you contact him? ”

I couldn I,didn have with what to contact him…I don even know where he is. All I know is that he was taken by alphas, Alphas that would do anything for an omega to play with,they are the players of the school… they are willing to do anything for a little bit of ass.

”I wonder what they did to him I hope they didn do the you know with him… ”

Don be ridiculous they might be assholes but when it comes to their freedom they
e not gonna disrespect the law.

”But its still a possibility,a big possibility actually… ”

Bitting my lip,not knowing what to say,I notice that Mary breaks the hug and gets out of my room. All I was hoping is that she wouldn tell my parents…but she did and I got grounded. That incident happened 2 years ago but I still can get it out of my head the way I was grounded wasn a normal one I was almost burned alive. My mom turned her look from a happy and motherly one to an psychopathic expression she just stared at me while having a wide, psychopathic smile,she scared me. Dad was always careless,he didn care about anything but now he did and he did it with a psychopathic look too,he stared at me, muttering words I didn even know. Trying to get away I was grabbed by my big brother,Hiroto. I didn know if I could escape without the help of Mary.

After 2 years have passed the incident was forgotten all the memories my family members had with Ryu faded away like they never existed,my punishment started to be used on other members of the family. But my memories will always be the same.

I seem to notice I have a call.

”Hey,Akio! Im aunt Reiko. How have you been? Did you try the pills I sent you? ”

Hello, auntie! What pills?

”Heat pills theyll help you control the heat you know your heat time will come after some weeks. A week or two I don know exactly but you should try them theyll make the heat easier for you. I told your mother to keep them until you come back from the courses shell give them to you. ”


”Bye. ”


Heat pills? Ive never had something like this every time I had to hold myself back because my family didn accept pills,how come they accepted the ones that auntie sent me? Maybe they talked about them a long time ago or something else I doubt that my mom would receive them without a word being said before.

As soon as I return home Ill try them maybe theyll bring the heat later.

As I cross through the hallway I see a completely lost student,what is he searching for?

Excuse me,are you searching for something?

”Yeah I want to know where the calligraphy teacher is. ”

The pheromones are strong! Hes an alpha. Wait…the calligraphy teacher?

Don tell me he wants to have the thing with him.

Sorry to ask but why do you want to find him? Do you have something to give him.

”Yeah. Those papers. ”

*Thank god*

Ok,so hes in the classroom,the calligraphy class room.

”Thanks. ”

e welcome! ” I said with a smiling face*

He was kind of cute,his pheromones were strong and his shy attitude is cute too. What Im saying?

Have I gone crazy? I hope he won do a blowjob to that crazy teacher.

Going home, walking the street, thinking about what I saw today,how can I let that teacher teach anymore when I know what he desires in his students. I need to show the others his true self,but how? I don have any ideas or possibilities to do that…but i can let him be free and ** more students.

After I arrived I was welcomed by my mother that surprisingly didn start to quote like the other days,she handed me the pills she received from aunt Reiko, she didn make a sound even though the smirk on her face said it all. She told me when to take them and other rules but my curios self can hold back. My dad appeared there too,him being a alpha didn allow him to help with something since he didn know much about it but he also seemed uninterested as he seems every time. He decided to say something: ”Good luck with those,at least I know you won come home pregnant like Ayumi did. ”

As if I will,even if I did I know what awaited me. Getting Kicked out its not a surprise that youll kick me out like you did to Ayumi.

”I did it because she came home pregnant at 16! You know that she could have ruined my reputation! ”

I know but it doesn explain your cruelty against your grandchild! What fault did Rui have? she was born when Ayumi was 17 you didn even think about visiting her and the child! When she came to you with the child you kicked her out!

”What else did you want me to do? Welcome that illegitimate child? ”

You know what, Ive always known you
e heartless but I couldn even imagine that youll be so cruel even with your grandchild. *I said running to my room with the pills in my hand, slamming the door before locking it.* I looked at the pills in my hand.

What will happen if I take them now?

Was the question that betrayed my mothers words.

If Im going to take them how much Im going to take as a first try? I think one should be enough but the thing I wonder is,the side effects.

Not thinking about it that much I take a pill waiting for something to happen felt like years noticing that nothing was happening I decided to continue the day like nothing has ever happened. I somehow enjoyed the taste of the pill or was it only because it was my first time taking a pill for the heat. I still don know when the heat its going to come.

*A groom,a bride,a white long dress,a veil, walking down the aisle. Meeting his eyes in a romantic way, holding hands, making promises as we say the thing every married person is desperate to hear: ”I do. ” His eyes where shown,the rest of him was covered under a blurred image,a image that terrified me,I want to see his face,I need to see his face! I need to know who Im marrying!

The confession time came,I was about to get out words that I craved to say since I was 5,seeing weddings at the TV was a daily habit. Stealing my mothers bride dress, putting the veil on, admiring myself in the mirror while imaginating myself dancing with a boy,a blurred boy,a creation that took part in my mind. I also thought that the petals of love fall only when death appears,only when the cruelty of being a living creature reminds you of it.

When will my petal of love begin? Its time to get the words our before its too late. Why Im struggling to get them out? Why can I get them out? Is my mouth shut with a velcro? Is it sewed with thread?

I d-

*The sound of the alarm its repeating constantly, annoying me till the point Im waking up. *

It was a dream? Its impossible! It felt so real…I could see it so clearly,expect the groom.

Im so dumb! How can I say its real? Im not even prepared to get married yet,the married life isn for me and it will never be,I would rather stay single with a hundred cats I would rather be callled the boy with a hundred cats than being called a married man!

Then why did I dream about something like this, I think I should go the courses will start and Ill be late.

Arriving at the college felt like a touch from heaven. Crossing the hallway I saw an omega holding a piece of paper to his face,even though it didn cover him at all he still tried to cover his face in it but his reactions betrayed him,he was all red,shy and his pheromones were abnormal. Is he in heat? Im pretty sure hes in heat. Why didn he take pills? Maybe he doesn have. Looking into my backpack trying to see if I have something I could give him,I found…pills? But how do I have them? I didn put them in my backpack. Or maybe,I did?

I grab the pills and go to him.

Hey I know I shouldn talk with you because you don know me but Im just trying to help, I bought some pil-

I didn get to even finish my sentence,he was in a desperate situation,he snatched them and took 3 of them.

Sorry to ask I hope it doesn sound offensive but, don you have pills? In your state you should be careful with the heat you know your pheromones are abnormal when you
e in heat,the Alphas could smell you and you know the consequences.

”I know but,I had pills and I finished them,my heat cycle is instabile and some times it lasts longer or it comes 2 times a month. I went to a doctor and he said I have instability in it. ”

I understand but still you should be careful.

”Are you an omega? ”

Yes, Im an omega don I look like one.

”To be honest you look like one,you are short and your body is kind of missing muscles and your face is childish. ”

Was that supposed to be an insult?

”No, sorry if I made you think like that but no it wasn an insult. It was actually a compliment,I look like this too so I don think I have a right to say something about other omega when I look like this myself. ”

We started a conversation without even knowing each other, Im Akio,you?

”Oh, yeah right, Im Akira. Do you have a lover? ”

No,not yet and I don plan to have a relationship. I just don feel like Im ready.

”I don have one,too I always think of myself as an independent omega. It would be boring to always have to worry about your other half. ”

In what year are you?

”In the first year,you? ”

Im in my second year. Is the first year exhausting in your opinion.

”Yess! I cannot wait for summer break! My brain is exhausted. ”

I understand your feelings, you have the luck to not be in the second year,you have it easier in the first.

”Do you want to meet up at a bar next week? ”

Yes it would be amazing,I don think I have any plans,so my schedule gives me time.

”Ill bring some friends too. Some of them are Alphas I hope you won mind. ”

I won , don worry Im used to it.

”Ok see you,next week! ”

Hes sweet,I hope hell find his other half he needs it if he says is heat is instabile. At least something will calm him down for some months. I wonder what kind of alphas will he bring with him. I think that if they
e his friends they
e nice like him there is no way hell stay with disrespectful alphas and betas.

*Walking to the class I notice the same sound as yesterday,it was Riku and the teacher again. Luckily I didn forget anything in there.

Verifying my schedule I noticed that next class is calligraphy. Excellent,life can be wiser than this.Why?*

*Walking to the calligraphy class room I started to suddenly think I I should skip class or attend it like nothing happened. I decided to attend it.*

Walking in the class, throwing myself on a chair and waiting for torture.

*He walks into class* My mind was almost blowing because of the nerves I had at the moment, thinking about that scene was making me anxious and full of nerves,then I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder. It was him,the teacher.

”Are you ok? ”

I suddenly feel like I was petrified,I couldn even look at him or have a quick look at him I just wanted to escape from him. Without thinking I push his hand.

”You really are upset. ”

*How can I not be You ** students,what won make me feel uncomfortable with you? ”Favourite student ”bullshit!*

”You know you aren how you use to be since the incident but don worry I won tell anyone that you saw the thing between me and that naive boy…do you want to be next? ”

*Why did he mention it in front of everyone? Is he trying to put me in a bad position…is he trying to blackmail me? Blackmailing? That would be too sick, hes a bastard that **s students,so he may be able to blackmail me,but why me? We don even talk that much since the first year of college? Why Im the favourite? What did I even do for him? Did I ** him or something,I know damn well I didn , Im a virgin after all.*

*I quickly hear whispers asking* ”What naive boy? Do they have that kind of relationship? ”

”Akio is quite the manwhore… Im sure he slept with him, thats why he has good grades and a good reputation, thats why he is the favourite student of our teacher. ”

Why did you say it in class?*I said with an angry voice*

”Calm down,I was just trying to get your attention,I wasn trying to do it with you or something. ”

*You weren trying? The cheapest excuse Ive ever heard. Just say you were trying to do the thing, don lie.*

*He goes back to teaching but I notice something like a piece of paper on my bench.*

”Come in my office after class.

If you don , Ill make sure you
e expelled. ”

*Expelled? Then I guess Ill have no choice mister blackmailer. Ill just go to your office, whats the worst that could happen? You wouldn dare to get your reputation in front of all the people in the college stained with the sexual assault of a student or with blackmailing. So if you like stains you can make them with your own hands,you shouldn need mine to get it stained. You should as well get it stained yourself.*

*Walking to the blackmailers office felt like walking to hell,I slowly knocked on the door. I was dragged inside with a fast speed.*

What do you want from me?

”What do I not want? ” I want everything from you! Especially your curvy body,it needs someone like me,it needs an alpha that can satisfy every inch of it even the insides. ”

*Walking slowly to me we make an uncomfortable eye contact.*

Go away! What are you trying to do,no don touch-


What just happened?

”Are you okay? Wait, you
e the boy that told me where this asshole was yesterday! ”

Yeah, Im okay and I remember you too,you looked shy.

”I know but whats wrong with this bastard? Who even is he, trying to touch a student in that way isn something a teacher should do! ”

He didn touch only me,he touched lots of other students even alphas like Riku,but Riku seems to be quite the teachers pet so I suggest he was manipulated into all of this. I caught them having sex in the class room yesterday and I was worried when you asked me about him,I thought you were going to have sex with him and only the thought of it scared me. I couldn imagine you doing it with him.

”Hey! Don ever think of me like this,I wouldn sleep with an Alpha and especially with the likes of him! ”

I know *I said while giggling*

”But still he can be a danger to the other students too,so what should we do, should we report him? ”

I think its the best thing to do. ”

Don report him!

Yui the third year student approached us as an unexpected thing.

Why shouldn we report him?

Didn you two hear what happened to Aya when she tried to report him? She was expelled,him and the principal are in the same hand so we can do nothing about it not even report it to the police we should let things as they are.

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