a Author

Chapter @!-%^ Faith

”Wee wee! ” buzzes someone, flying in the air like a butterfly.

”Persona, chill. I am trying to pray here! ” says the Author.

”Oops, sorry! ” murmurs Persona, looking down. He is wearing a full mask covering his face and has fancy clothes on.

. . .

”What are you doing? ” asks someone as they pop their head up, slightly looking at the Author.

”Just performing a practice that my Creator commanded me to perform, ” responds the Author.

”Why? ” they question as Persona goes towards them and starts poking their cheek.

. . .

”Okay, Ill answer, ” says the Author.

”Really? Nice! ” exclaims the figure, flying into a backflip and emerging from the ground. Then they sit on the couch, excited to listen.

The Author sits down on the couch, ”Well, Ill try my best. And my Creator knows best, so here goes, ”

Persona flies around them, relaxing on his back and the figure listens intently.

”If you are asking why I perform it, then the only why I find sufficient is that it was placed upon me to do so by my Creator. Thats all the reason I need to do it. I have chosen to submit to him fully and completely and in doing so, Ill try my best to obey any order I get, ” he starts.

”If you are asking why he asked me to do? I can give you a concrete one hundred percent answer. I can only maybe make an educated hypothesis, ”

”Does he need you to pray for him, perhaps? ” asks the figure in contemplation.

The Author shakes his head, ”Well, I don think so, ”

”How do you know? ”

”Well, ” says the Author, walking towards a book and grabbing it, ”He reported to me in his letters that he sent to me, that he is completely self-sufficient, and I think its pretty clear that my existence and actions can never benefit nor harm him, ”

”One hypothesis I find strong is that prayer is actually supposed to benefit me in different ways. I can go into detail about it later, ” explains the Author, opening the book and reading it.

The figure hums, ”I see. Wait, I have a few more questions, ”

”Ask, ” murmurs the Author, checking out the book.

”Why do you believe whats written in the book? And how do you know it is from a said Creator? ”

The Author closes the book, ”Hm, the answer will be a bit long, ” he says, getting up and grabbing a cold glass of water from the kitchen and then walking back. He checks on his brother and finds him asleep. He grabs a small ball from the ground and keeps going. Sitting back on the couch, he faces the balcony with his glass of water, looking outside at the night sky.

”First things first, Id like to share a concept with you, so that you can see my side more clearly. The idea of Faith, ” says the Author, holding the ball above the couch.

”If I let go of this ball right now, what do you think is going to happen to it? ” he asks.

”Um, from what I saw and read of this world so far, it should─ ”

” ─fall down towards the center! ” interrupts Persona, flying by.

”. . . Yes, that, ” says the figure, looking at Persona.

The Author lets go of the ball and indeed, it falls down towards the Earths center and lands on the couch.

”Nice, you happened to get it right! ” smiles the Author.

”Well, its to be expected─ ”

”Is it? ” asks the Author.

”Um, is it? ” responds the man in uncertainty.

The Author notices a cat pass by on the balcony. He gets up, slides the door open, and sits on his knees. He raises his hand towards the cat, and it reluctantly approaches.

”Let me ask this then if you don mind, do you know everything? ”

”Oh, um, no I don , ”

”Cool, then why did you decide to predict that the ball was going to fall on the couch? Why didn you predict that the ball will go up and hit the ceiling? ”

”Well, its because of gravity! ” exclaims the figure.

The Author shakes his head, ”Giving a name or label for the event we witnessed doesn answer my question. All you told me is the name of an event that we saw. which was the ball falling towards the Earth, ”

The cat finally feel comfortable enough and walks into his hand and he starts petting her. Persona above trying to pet the cat as well, but his hand just passes through the cat. He looks disappointed that he can pet the cat.

”But to connect and help get the point across, Ill ask, how did you know that gravity will pull down instead of push up, to the ceiling, for example? ” questions the Author.

”Well . . . things that have mass attract, ”

”Thats just another description of the name you p

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