a Author

Chapter :> a story

Step, step, step.

The Author presses the button and waits for the elevator.

”Are we gonna do anything? ” asks the figure.

e just going for a walk at night, ” responds the Author.

”No basketball or something else? ” asks the figure again.


The elevator arrives and the doors open, there is a man in elevator going down as well.

”Hello! ” greets Persona as the Author enters.

”Hello, ” responds the man on the elevator.

. . .

Exiting the building, the Author looks at the moon and walks on the side of the road, he sees a marketplace still open and heads towards it.

”What are you gonna get? ” asks the figure only to receive no response.

The Author picks up a chocolate bar, small packs of cat and dog food and two drinks.

”Done? ” asks the cashier.

”Yeah, that will be all, ” responds Persona.

”That will be ***, ”

The Author takes out some money and pays. He puts the chocolate bar, one of the drinks, the dog and cat food with some cash in a plastic bag.

Stepping out, he looks to the left and the right, and starts walking to the left.

It is a cold and windy night, the sky is looking especially beautiful when walking in an area that has no other lights in it. The Author walks in the dark for a while and opens his drink, taking a sip from it.

While walking on the dark road where there is a homeless man sleeping on the side, the Author looks at him for a second and then at the rest of the road then back at him . . .

. . .

Step, step, step.

The Author continues to walk, disposing off the now empty drink container in a trash bin nearby, he continues to walk off a ledge. But it is a small drop underneath where he looks to the right and sees streetlights all the way downhill to the main road.


Taking his first step into the streetlights, he looks at the downhill walk.

”Fun! ” he remarks.

Walking downhill and bathed in streetlights, he checks out the buildings and markets on the side, then turns his head to the fence wall next to him to find a beautiful black cat.

”Hey, ” greets the Author, petting it.

The cat meows, purring happily.

”Lots of cats, huh? ” says the figure.

”There are a lot of stray animals in this country, ” responds the Author. He takes out the small cat food pack and walks towards an empty bowl thats on the ground, pouring the food in.

The cat jumps down to eat straight away.

He pets her for a bit and starts walking away.

She follows behind him, continuing to follow him for a good distance before stopping and heading back.

The Author waves her away subconsciously.

He continues to walk through the somewhat empty streets, walking on the sidewalk between the main road and a park. He looks at the different sports playgrounds, there is football, basketball, and cricket courts.

He passes by two large pillars that uphold the tracks up above for the metro station and he gazes at their glory momentarily.

Reaching a general area around a university, he walks over a bridge to the back area of the park.

While doing so, he notices a light coming from behind and steps to the side, a delivery man passes by him.

”Driving on the walkway? ” asks the figure.

”Yeah, this is normal here. They drive through parks and walkways to reach their destination, ” says the Author.

Reaching an area where there are a bunch of seats, he sits down and waits.

After a while, he notices him pass by and whistles.

The dog hears him whistling and approaches.

”Hello, Benji! ” he greets, petting the dog.

”Be careful that he doesn bite you, ” warns the figure.

”Don worry, this is the universitys dog. Look here, ” The Author points at a mark behind the dogs ear, ”This means the dog is vaccinated, ”

He then grabs the nearby bowl and pours Benji the small food pack he bought, and then sits back, relaxing as he looks up at the sky.

The Author sighs, putting up his feet, leaving them to hang out at the side, and taking out the last item from the bag, his second drink. He opens it and takes a sip.

”When are you gonna go home? Don you have to go out tomorrow? ” asks the figure.

”Its alright, I intend on going out at a later time to visit my uncle, ” says the Author.

”And then what? ”

”. . . No idea . . . thats the fun of this story, not even I have any idea what will happen in it, ”

”Well, then how about you tell me a story for now? ” requests the figure, floating above the Author and looking down at him.

The Author stares at the figure, ”Alright. Once upon an Author . . . ”

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