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Chapter ? swim

The Author wakes up and procrastinates in bed before getting up a bit.

”They should add an extra law of attraction in physics between someone and their bed during winter, ” he mutters, finally surging off the bed.

He goes to take a shower and brush his teeth, wears his clothes and a black jacket.

On his way out, he puts on a black hat, and a scarf and grabs his bag.

It is early and the weather is cold outside.

With each breath the Author lets out, white misty smoke accompanies it. The roads are loud with quiet and serenity and there is no sun yet, there is light. There is not a soul to be seen or heard around. Yet the Author feels eyes on him as he walks across the roads, looking around.

Finally reaching the main road, he passes by a market store and buys a chocolate bar along with a bottle of water.

He gets on the bus where he meets his best friend, and they talk for the one-hour-long bus ride.

His friend was very smart and held first place in the major department they are both in, they both enjoy talking about topics like anime, politics, philosophy, and more.

They reach university and go to the first class they have together and take their seats in the middle. The teacher shortly enters right after and starts to teach after a small greeting . . . he has a gloomy and dead expression on his face.

As always.

Slow, monotonous, and boring. Every word oozes with what feels like heavy weighted, borderline disgust. A student raises their arm to ask a question and the teacher lets out the longest, most dramatic, and most exaggerated sigh that the Author has ever heard in his life.

All the lectures are as if someone brought a speaker into the class and clicked on the play button, and the sound it produces can only be beaten by dragging nails on a board.

The Author spends every single second of that class in a daze.

The lecture ends and the Author and his best friend split. As he heads to his new lecture, the Authors heart can help but beat faster.

He reaches early and sits at the very front of the class. Shortly after, his crush enters the class as well, and they greet each other, engaging in a small chat.

The teacher enters shortly after, and she starts to take attendance and says the Authors name as she looks at him. She sees his hat pulled all the way down and covering his face. She cracks a smile, laughing.

The Author is heavily in tune with the lecture and is actively responding to the teacher.

The rest of his lectures . . . the Author is indifferent about. If he wasn , he would remember something to write down for you to read about them.

He gets on the bus alone as his best friend will take it at a different time.

Getting off the bus, he looks around and goes to buy some groceries, heading home in the cold weather.

Day and day and day and day and day and day . . .

. . .

Walking into his empty cold house one day . . . he sits down on the couch and looks up in contemplation . . .

He gets up and puts his change from his purchase in a pot, and one coin falls. He picks it up and looks at it for a second . . . and has an epiphany.

The next day the Author wakes up.

Huh, no lecture with her or the teacher today.

The Author takes out the coin he took with him yesterday.

Heads, I go. Tails, I stay.

He flips the coin up high, and the result is tails. The Author goes back to sleep and skips university for the day.

The next day comes, and he gets up to go to the university. Passing by the grocery store, he flips the coin again and the result is tails, so he doesn go in there to buy anything.

He reaches the university and before heading to the first lecture, he flips the coin, and the result is heads.

He sighs.

”Fuck, ” he says, going in and sleeping.

He goes to the lecture with his crush and favorite teacher normally.

He flips the coin for the rest of his lectures.

At the end of the day, he flips the coin on whether to go home or wait for his friend and then go home together.

And when he gets off the bus, he flips the coin on whether to buy anything or not and if yes, he flips the coin on what to eat between two choices.

This behavior continues and sometimes reaches a crazy extent, like walking back home this one time instead of taking the bus ride which is one hour long. Though, he loved the walk, looking at nature and buildings while listening to music.

. . .

The Author gets off the bus and it is at a late time as he just had his last final exam of the semester.

He sighs.

”I won be having the lecture anymore, ” he says, looking up. He then glances at the coin.

. . . I probably won see any of both of them again, nor will I have a lecture like that again . . .

. . .

Heads, I kill myself.

Tails, I don .

He readies the coin and flips it.

. . .


The Author checks his phone as a message notification pops up.

”The marks are out, ” his best friend had texted him.

The Author opens the website to check his grades and finds out he failed the course with his best friend and got poor grades in his other subjects except one, where he got a 98/100.

”I failed the subject, RIP, ” he responds back to his best friend.

He gets another notification from his crush, she is asking him how much he scored as she is competitive with him for the highest grade in this course.

After a bit of back-and-forth conversation, they both send their marks at the same time.

”­98/100, ” he sends.

”99/100, ” she sends.

They both appear at the same second.

”I win! ” she texts with a smiley face.

The Author smiles and they continue to chat.

. . .

The Author wakes up and gets ready to go to university. He glances towards the coin at the table as he passes by.

And he walks to the door, opens it, and walks outside with a smile on his face.

It was fun while it lasted, but Ill have to move on. the next thing.

The Author closes the door behind him and doesn look back.

The sun shines through the window upon the coin on the table sitting by itself.

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