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Chapter . the Dead

He sinks down slowly, looking up above as the bubble he forms floats up to the surface, Persona to his right and the figure to his left.

”And the end, ” concludes the Author underwater as he does a backflip, his feet touching the floor of the pool at the end and then he pushes with his legs, launching himself up along with Persona and the figure.

Emerging from the water, he takes a deep breath in. Then like a whale, he dives back in headfirst with his body following along in an arc, his feet whipping together like a tail as they go underwater.

Diving down with both of them, the three fly under the moonlight. The Author feels never more alive than when he swims underwater, its the closest thing he has ever experienced to being liberated from the shackles of the usual laws of the land, moving in the 3D space as one wishes.

This is his expression, his domain, where he feels uncontested, he even feels the water welcome him as he swiftly flies across like a fish.

The sensations of the bubbles that tingle his body, the sense of freshness and cleansing of the water, the freedom . . .

Sadly, this joy ride must end momentarily. If only he had the gills to stay down here for as long as he wants, but alas, he has to put on his shackles. Though it doesn bother him too much as it is momentary, and he will return right after he gets the air he needs.

He raises up with the two of them and takes a deep breath, preparing to go under again and swim across.


The lights of the pool suddenly go off.

”Oops, I think I got carried away, ” mutters the Author, swimming towards the other edge of the pool in order to get out.

”I guess Ill come back later tomorrow, ” he continues, taking off his swimming goggles.

”That was fun, what now? ” asks the figure as the Author waits for the elevator.

”No idea. Like I said before, thats whats the most fun about this story for me to write, I don know what I will write . . . nor what will happen . . . not what stories I will tell in the future. Lets just enjoy the ride until my story ends, I guess, ”

”Ooh alright, ” says the figure, thinking.

The Author smiles and the doors of the elevator slide open.

”Don worry about it too much. Let things flow and be optimistic, Daki, ” he says as the elevator doors shut with Persona to his right and Daki on the left.

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